Xanax and sleep apnea? Is it safe?

Zoo Keeper Asked: Xanax and sleep apnea? Is it safe?

I think I posted thin in the wrong cat. so sorry for the repost…
Im worried about my husband
He has sleep apnea, and he drinks (not binge drinking but there are several beers every night). His doctor prescribed him Xanax for his anxiety. He has been having panic attacks, especially at night, but the panik attacks (im almost positive) are caused by the sleep apnea, he startles awake and he is sure his heart is going to stop. So hes taking the Xanax before bed to ease the anxiety of the fear he will stop breathing in his sleep.. But now I am extremely worried that the xanax will make it worse and he might actually stop breathing in his sleep…
I wonder why the doctor would prescribe this for a patient with sleep apnea. Is it possible his doctor made a mistake?


Robert Answered:
Hello, quick disclaimer, I'm not a physician and I'm not implying that the following is medical advice!But I have personal experience with anxiety issues etc…If your husband has several beers at night, and his doctor prescribed Xanax, to be taken at night before bed, this is worthy of concern if the doctor signed off on this.My bet is the nightly alcohol intake was not discussed with doc.

He needs to be on meds for his sleep apnea, or look into surgery.The anxiety needs to be dealt with separately! Xanax is only a bandaid on the anxiety, and, while helpful certainly at times, he needs to address the deeper issues that underly that kind of anxiety, or he will continue to suffer.My honest suggestion is that he look into zen meditation, which can basically rewire the brain to greatly reduce panic attacks, any form of anxiety, and general overall well-being.Trust me on this, years ago, I was recovering from a narcotic addiction, and in the process, had severe night terrors and panic attacks.the only thing that helped over time was meditation, and to some degree spiritual discovery.

i have nothing to sell, that's a promise. but i'd be happy to chat with you and your husband about the benefits of meditation to help him.my email is robertsmith7373@yahoo.com.again, nothing to sell here, but this question resonates with me and i'd be happy to help.if not comfortable with that, then please look into "insight meditation".it could be a lifesaver.hope this helps!

RISA Answered:
Hello I have panic attacks as well I had been to the hospitals I was so scared they prescribed me xanex as well I didn't think that work for me a pharmactist told me to try benadryl or chamomile tea

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