Will she regret leaving me? Will my she ever come back to me? I love her.?

Yuri Asked: Will she regret leaving me? Will my she ever come back to me? I love her.?

Me (25) and my girlfriend (22) have been together in a committed relationship for 8 or 9 months. The relationship has progressed very rapidly from the very start, and seen its share of ups and downs, but I have been there for her through everything! I treat her like she's everything because she is everything to me. We often talk about starting a family together and having kids early. Upon meeting her parents, I even made it clear that I will one day marry their daughter.

I make more than enough time to spend with her and she knows how much I love her. She has often told me in the past that I am "PERFECT," that no one has ever treated her this good before, and that she would never break up with me. I know the sex between us is AMAZING, and she knows that I am not using her for sex by any means. I am very attractive and promised to give her everything I have in the future. Yet, I don't understand why she would break up with me because she is "starting to love me less." She says its because of my job and the fact that it is low paying.

Our arguments in the past have often ended in tears and revolved around financial issues (ie. From not having a car of my own to issues surround my job (retail), etc). But we have always made it work out and given each other another chance. I don't understand why she would break up with me if she knows I am responsible and more than willing to take care of her and our children if we ever have any.

When I asked her if there is a chance of getting back together, she said "no," but she has also told me after not too long ago that she still loves me. Sometimes, it feels like she is unable to control her emotions and takes everything out on me.

She is just started dating someone and has decided to go "no contact" on me. It has not even been 2 months since the break up. When I ask to see how she's doing and to tell her to be careful, but it feels like she hates me. She has deleted me from MSN but still has me on Facebook. I have done everything to get her back, and I don't want to continue trying because I will push her away. I have given her space and done everything for her.

And another thing, when we broke up, she has even told me she does not see a future between us. I asked her why and she does even know why she feels this way. Is it really because of my job or something deeper?!? I realize that after August, our relationship started going downhill and she decided to break up shortly after.

I really want her back and to start a brand new relationship with her. I know that no one will ever treat her as good as the way I did and she knows it too. I am not dating anyone even though I have a lot of chances to do so and find someone better. I am suffering from insomnia (loss of sleep), contemplated suicide, and cried many many times just thinking about her.

What should I do and what did I do wrong? Why does she hate me so much at the moment? Does she still love me? Will she ever regret leaving me? And is she in a rebound relationship right now?

I also have another post on another site; http://www.askmehelpdesk.com/relationshi

Comments and suggestions are greatly appreciated !!!

Additional Details
To add to this, I am taking the time to improve myself in everything! In terms of my job, I have even left it to pursue better opportunities, even if I am just applying for jobs right now.

I know that this guy she is seeing IS NOT the reason why we broke up and I know that he is from a dating site. So I am 100% that she did not cheat on me. I feel like if she decides to be serious with this guy, it will end very soon, and that the relationship will be a rebound relationship. I'm not so worried about the guy or guys she is seeing right now. The only thing I worry about more than anything is that she will get hurt if she commits too deeply into this guy, and if she will come back to me. I know she still loves me despite every hurtful thing she has said to me.

I find myself crying practically every day… sometimes it becomes so unbearable that I feel like killing myself. I hate myself for losing her, but I love her intensely!

When will she come back to me? and how long do I have to wait?


JJ Answered:

The Man Answered:
Look, it doesn't matter how long you dated her. NO girl is worth being depressed over. If she says it's over. Let it go. I had a friend in your situation and it nearly drove him to suicidal actions! I had to talk to him and eventually he got over it but he still remembers it.

Tchaikovsky Answered:
I'm really sorry but i don't think she is ever coming back.. I think u ruined it promising her everything… U jusr knew her for nine months and that is way too early to say we'll get married n have kids etc etc.. Women freak out when u say things like this… Sad but true, u'd really seem clingy and unattractive.. But how can u think about killing yourself?? That is the most stupid thing I've ever heard… Come on man we outt be better than that than kill ourselves over women… I think u should start seeing other women and trust me,this will pass.. And I really don't think she'll come back to you ever but i really wish she does because i like honest and loving people like you whose willing to anything for love .. And i'm sure you will find someone who is receptive of your feelings and deserves it.. Btw, i think u have a 1% chance of getting her back is by losing complete contact with her .. I want u to delete her off ur fb cuz then she will wonder if u still want her back… U shud start seeing somene else(whom u wud end up hurting,unfortunately) and she'd get jealous but honestly man, i really think she's not worth it..

Terry Answered:
The no-contact card works both ways my friend. My best advice to you (and its how I got my ex back) is to initiate a no contact of your own!

It doesn't matter she is already not contacting you. Send her an email or letter (no phone or text) saying that you are OK with the breakup and request that she doesn't contact you in the future as you have some exciting things happening in your life that require all of your attention.

It may sound cheesy or crazy even, but this forces her to see that she could loose you from her life for good and that you won't be waiting around if she changes her mind or it doesn't work with her new bf.

If she truly loves you she will be unable to resist the urge to contact you. Although you need to stay firm on your no contact rule for the time being.

No contact is pretty complex when done right. It is a bit more than just not communicating. When I initiated a no contact rule I had gotten a ton of advice from a guy named Clayton that I met online. (I put a link in the sources to his website) He recommended a book to me that pretty much gave me step by step directions on how to use no contact and other psychological tools to get my ex to come to her senses and come back to me.

Anyhow, regardless if you take my advice, I wish you the best of luck. I know how painful this is and no matter what happens never forget to keep your head up and always focus on improving yourself for the future and not focusing on the past.

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