Will eating chicken with vegetable right before bed interfere with sleep? Is it a good snack for hyp

Moon Asked: Will eating chicken with vegetable right before bed interfere with sleep? Is it a good snack for hyp

Will eating chicken with vegetable right before bed interfere with sleep? Is it a good snack for hypoglycemia?
I have chronic insomnia.
Will eating chicken with vegetable right before bed interfere with sleep?
Is it a good snack for hypoglycemia?
I usually eat greek yogurt with fruit, I think the dairy helps me to sleep.
However, I do not have it available to me right now for financial/other reasons: I get food from a dining hall at a school, have many food allergies/celiac disease, and there is no yogurt I can take home. All I can get is fruit, and meals of usually chicken and vegetables to take back to my dorm room. I do not yet have a bike or get to a store safely where I could purchase the yogurt.
It is imperative that I eat not too far from bed because of hypoglycemia/when the dining hall closes, and then the hours that pass after that.
PLEASE TAKE ALL THOSE FACTORS outlined into consideration when answering my question.

Additional Details
Important: I have Celiac disease. Concurrently I am allergic to corn, soy, shellfish, nuts/seeds, and lactose intolerant. So that is very pertinent to the options available and not available to me to eat.


DC Answered:
It's not worth it. Don't get worked up over that stuff. Just delete your facebook or whatever social networking site you're using. You should get some help too. Ask your parents. If you're not on good terms with them, go to your school counselor or an administrator. Insomnia…i got a bad case too.

Neil Answered:
You need to go out and be active, all your problems are because you have too much energy, go expel some of that energy in sports, or dance.

And steer-clear, and ignore the bullies, you shouldn't expose yourself to filth like that.

Animeplus Lemonkush Answered:
that girl has obviously never been threw what people you you and i have. Shes a troll.

Well its hard to help with this situation without knowing really whats wrong around you, What all happens and what causes you to be effected by this so much. Are these people cyber bullying people from school or real life or just random people on the internet?

I Cut myself before and i recently have done it, I cut myself cause of the loneliness in my life, the bad choices i have made and still make. Why do you cut yourself? what does it do and how does it make you feel. People usually resort to cutting them selves cause that's what they hear people do when there emotional or depressed which can be true but some have reason to and some do it cause they thinks its whats right to do.

Cyber bullying is illegal and law can be brought into it, If its Facebook or messengers then you can block these people so they cannot contact you anymore, If its Facebook try adding only people you trust and are real friends with. If there random people try take action in the way they bully, Remember almost every site, game and internet use that allows you to be messaged by another usually has a block or ignore feature.

If these bullies are also in real life and are causing you to feel scared to block them, first try talking to your parents (if any) then go to the school if they are also there and have a meeting with your teachers/staff. Then contact law if there are major threats or bullying. some people may thinks its extreme but i was bullied at your age and now i cant go a day without cutting or hating myself or doing even worse.

Maja Answered:
13 was a pretty rough year for me, and we weren't even real active on networking sites and chats yet. I can only imagine the torment felt dealing with bullies in and out of school; I at least had the choice to stay home. It hurts and I realize having people tell you to ignore them and be strong isn't not real helpful. What I can tell you is … you develop friends, you grow up and leave those awful people in a few years, and you become whatever you want to be while they go on to make illegitimate babies and get alcohol poisoning in college.

Do consider talking to a counselor, parent, or teacher you trust. Cutting and throwing up is a way of controlling something when we are unable to control our outside environments, but there are healthier ways to do this, and you feel better with the appropriate kind of control. Healthy control will help you realize that yes, it is unfair that people are able to take advantage of you, but you control who you are, how you are perceived, and who you will ultimately be. You have power over yourself, and you will be a better person for it.

Hang in there. Someday you will look back and laugh in fondness; I promise. Don't let people take your dignity.

Earth Answered:
Stop cutting.
Get offline.
Change all social media to new names etc.
Good luck

Kakapopo Answered:
Everyone cuts themselves sometimes. LIKE YESTERDAY, I was cutting onions with a knife and I accidently cut my finger. These kind of stuff happens. NO NEED TO WORRY.

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