Why is my sleep pattern so off?

Roy Asked: Why is my sleep pattern so off?

Hello everyone.

I live in a University Residence and up until 2 weeks ago I had been sleeping normally somewhat. I would regularly go to bed around 3 in the morning and arise at noon. This may sound strange to some people but I assure you I felt normal and had been doing so for roughly 6 months.

All of a sudden a few weeks ago I pulled an all-nighter due to a weird bout with insomnia and ended up pushing through two days until I finally fell asleep the next day at 11, thinking that I would sleep normally. What shocked me though was how instead of waking up at 10 or even 9 the next day, I woke up at 4 am. Feeling refreshed.

Around 4 pm that day I felt so exhausted I had to go to fall asleep again, only to wake up at 9 at night.

I seem to be having this pattern where I stay awake for 10-14 hours, and then sleep for 5 hours (naturally) and I can't seem to break the pattern no matter what I do. There have been instances where I've slept for 5 hours, woken up for 3, and then slept for 5 hours again.

Obviously this sleeping schedule throws off my social life, it prohibits me from exercising properly and I can't eat whenever I need to (our cafe is only open until midnight and re-opens at 7:30. I have to eat using a meal plan), also my academic career is suffering.

Can anyone give me any idea of what I'm experiencing or even how to combat it? Thank you!


gillianprowe Answered:
Not sure what part of this Global Village you live in, but the Northern Hemisphere is about to enter Spring or the Vernal equinox. That means the Southern Hemisphere is about to enter Autumn. Northern the days will get longer, Southern the days are about to get shorter. This always upsets my personal body clock and if I could I would hibernate! Therefore I suggest you look at where your bed is located, as sunshine is what triggers our sleeping habits and if the sun comes through the window at 4am and hit your face waking you up, well that could be the problem. Likewise once the sun has set, it really is time to start to wind down and get ready for sleep.

Cash Gages Mom Answered:
I am there now with my 3rd. Try walking, sex, and look up some accupressure points (not acupuncture). I also suggest a birthing ball every night to help baby defend more.I would not do the drug induction if you can avoid it. I have gone into labor on my own and then with #2 was induced. The induction was a longer more invasive and painful process. Good luck!

Proud Mummy Answered:
BIG LESSON: It's NOT about you anymore, It's about your baby, and what is important right now is that your child stays in their as long as it wants to. This last week is just as vital as any. His lungs are developing, he's putting on weight to help him keep healthy and warm, it's important you leave it as close to 40 weeks as possible (assuming waiting till 40 weeks doesn't pose more risks than not).

The pains and discomforts are all part of pregnancy, stop being selfish thinking about yourself and think about your child.

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