Why does my new bed cause me to dream EVERY night?

jacob g Asked: Why does my new bed cause me to dream EVERY night?

Ever since I switched from a crappy twin mattress to a fancy queen size mattress I have had dreams every single night without fail except for the night I slept in a hotel…

The dreams are very vivid and sometimes long. Usually 2-3 memorable dreams a night. I know that I have sleep apnea so perhaps it has to do with that? I'm not sure. Just want to make sure it isn't unhealthy or something. Thanks for any answers in advance… praise Bill


Fleet Hepbyrne Answered:
Dreams only occur if you reach a deep level of sleep (maybe someone more knowledgable will provide the specific level of sleep needed). You found the twin bed crappy, likely because you were uncomfortable, and didn't sleep deeply. You find your current bed comfortable and sleep deeply, and, therefore, are able to dream.

Hello Everyone Answered:
just means you are sleeping better and longer at night.. thats a good thing

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