Why does he do this? And, Am I weird?

jothi reddy Asked: Why does he do this? And, Am I weird?

My bf is 6 years younger than I am. My bf and I discovered that we actually loved each other while we went camping together as friends. I was never a good camper and I was scared of insects. He gave his sleeping bag to me and he slept on the rock for 2 days. That's when it all started.

I have never been a submissive person in my life, but somehow, I feel, when I am with him during our "time" I feel an inexplicable urge to be submissive to him. I told him and he said it's ok, if that's something I enjoy. He says as long as I do not let that hamper my psyche outside the bed room, it's fine.

But I do weird things (they seem weird now, but I feel an urge to do at those moments) like I kneel down before him, and tell him to do whatever he wants to do. And I love the uncertainty – he is more interested in foreplay, so asks me to keep my eyes, closed and he drags it on and on for even 3 hours, teasing me to the brink of climax and then relaxing me.

Some days he gives rules like I should not move my hands unless there is something serious, some days he blindfolds me and asks me to guess where he is going to stimulate. Correct answer gets me my favourite chocolate and a wrong answer extends the session by 10 minutes!

I enjoy the uncertainty and the total submission I do. Is this weird?

He is a doctor so he also does all the exams for me, and he makes sure he does not let any of my sensitive parts go sore. He knows the precise time and touch to both arouse me and to relax me from the point of no return. He is very tactful in not touching my nipples, he goes in little circles, millimeters from the tip, making me crave for that single tap on the tip, but will give that only after a long time. Once, even without touching me "down there", with mere tantalizing and gratifying like as said above, he got me super high. And he gets me to have squirts with just applying pressure and moving with his three fingers inside, on the upper part of my genital passage.

Is his mastery over my body and mind making me submissive? Or do I have a weird disorder or something? I feel extremely secure in his arms, and I am afraid I am no longer a feminist that I was!

Why do I behave like this? Why do I feel this way, the urge to kneel down and submit? (he never ever asks me to do that kneeling part).

Also, he likes to part my hair with a comb and apply a red powder on my parting, he says it's his belief that it will give us a long life together. He is a Hindu, and I am a Jain. I have no problems with his beliefs, just curious what this means……


arjendra Answered:
don't think you have a problem yet. it might occur, most probably soon; hope not. try to avoid the things that troubles you be frank with him. and mostly think what you want out of this relationship!

Dinesh Answered:
Err another repeated question :(… move on jothi.. how many answers do you want on same question…

seriously : it is normal , love him my sexy sweet, and have fun in your lifee. marry him soon and get a baby. so tht will change your life tooo good .

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