Why do I wake up feeling sick everytime I take a nap?

tiff3 Asked: Why do I wake up feeling sick everytime I take a nap?

I started napping after school 2 years ago but I stopped after about a month because I started feeling sick after waking up. Today I was really tired after shook and then work and I fell asleep for about an hour. When I woke up I felt like I used to feel after napping 2 years ago. I have this weird taste in my mouth and I feel nauseas and I feel like I'm in a very stuffy room when I'm not. When this started I used to feel lightheaded after napping and for 10 minutes I have no perception of one and think its the net mornig. Do I have a sleeping disorder only effecting naps?


James Answered:
That happens to me sometimes but I get migraines often and that's usually the case with me.

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