Why do i keep having nightmares continually?

Jess Asked: Why do i keep having nightmares continually?

Its been going on for about a week now,each time different, the ones i can remember?
1. At a train station which somehow changed into a ride and i was in a log ride thing but there were dead bodies in the water??
2. I was at an amusement park and all the slides fell apart
3. I fell off a bridge and drowned in a car
4. A car crash, multiple ones and at the end of it i died but was a different person i dont even know or have ever seen her before
Theres others but there slipping away from my mind, plz serious answers, i also have severe insomnia which could contribute, thx for answers


Skye Answered:
What have you been taking in? In other words, what have you been watching on television/movies or what kind of music have you been listening to lately? Has there been a sudden change in your regular routine of everyday life? Has something traumatic happened to you recently?

Many things could play a factor into your recent continued nightmares.

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