why do i hum in my sleep, it wakes me up everytime!?

Susan Asked: why do i hum in my sleep, it wakes me up everytime!?

the past two night i have been humming i guess you can call it. in my sleep. i only seem to do it just as im trying to fall asleep. and i wake up from it EVERY TIME. its so frustrating bc its happened 15-20 times last night and now again tonight. could it be sleep apnea? is this normal? its not talking in my sleep its just a humming noise. i do havea really bad cough/cold could that be y? i just want sleep without waking myself up everytime i try and fall asleep :/…should i see a doctor about it if it keeps happening??


good2go122 Answered:
Learn the words and you wont have to hum.

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