Why cant i sleep ? how to get to sleep?

Sydney Asked: Why cant i sleep ? how to get to sleep?

I don't think I have a sleeping disorder, but for some reason I can't fall asleep, I will lay down close my eyes and stay like that and still be awake for hours till I hear birdschriping. I tried taking melotonian to help but it didn't do anything. How can I get mysef to start sleeping?


Elijah Answered:
For one get of the computer! Lol but usually just make sure your room is dark and and if all else fails you could wear some socks the heat makes ou drowsy. Or just go outside and run or walk. 🙂

Auza58 Answered:
Don't take pills, insomnia happens every once in a while! Here's a healthier trick: you sleep only if you are tired. So, when you can't sleep, go out and run. Or lie down and do a number of crunches. Or squat. Don't stop until you're sweating and aching and praying to lie down.
What you could also do is to read a book. Or listen to peaceful music, like classical ones, without lyrics, while lying on your bed.
Don't stare at screens, whether computer or TV or mobile phone whatsoever. They don't help to fall asleep.

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