Why are my dreams getting worse?

VictoriaH Asked: Why are my dreams getting worse?

I've always grown up with bad dreams and i never sleep but maybe once a year. i was born with REALLY BAD insomnia but as of a few months, they have gotten a sort of Alice in Wonderland/LSD theme/style. Weird i know but it feels like that. i also ALWAYS get chased in my dreams or attacked! i can never see the person who is chasing after me but i know they are there. as of right now, it's 5 mins till 2 in the morning. i had woken up to a nightmare of a world wide disease killing us and it had hit me. my boyfriend, couple friends, couple family and a couple of random people from school where in it and they were fine but i was freaking out till it hit our house. also, as of 2 months, i haven't been able to keep anything in my stomach. everything upsets it for 2 hours ((or more)) afterwards. also, because of that, whenever i wake up from a nightmare or hang outside for a short time, my stomach acts up cause i'm over heated.

this is worrying me A LOT and i don't know what to do. i told my counselor about it but it was during the Alice on LSD phase.

do you have ANY ideas or suggestions on how to help with my stomach and why my dreams are getting worse and why i am always getting attacked?


Sriharish Answered:
consult doc dude

Selim Answered:
Maybe you had a bad expierience when you were little of someone hitting or chasing you, you must've lived a nightmare 1 time in your life, you should go see a psychologist and talk about this because he/she can help you get to the bottom of this and then you can feel relieved and know the cause of it and have peace with yourself = no more bad dreams ( at least not this much)

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