Why am I always out of breath?

Carey Asked: Why am I always out of breath?

I have HBP, Diabetes type 2, Sleep Apnea, Obese, out of shape, and have been out of my HBP pills for a while.


Weston Answered:
You are out of breath because you HBP, Diabetes type 2, Sleep Apnea, Obese, out of shape, and have been out of your HBP pills for a while.

Chelsea Answered:
go to the second & third link on this website:


Ask your doctor first.but some exercise helps.Even a little.
I do push-ups and sit ups everyday.Start with a few.
never over do it.Even 5 of each is a start.

Billie Answered:
Mainly because you have stopped taking your medications, along with the illness you have, you're not help that at all.Tiredness is brought on by not enough oxygen getting to vital organs, so you have to start changing your whole life.If you truly are obese, then you need help with that, you need support from some organization for that, that is something too much to handle yourself, you just have to do what you know you should be doing, taking your meds trying to exercise if only a little, less food, hard I know to say, but others have done it, and the joy they have felt when they have succeeded, why not you too Honey.Look for and want the best for yourself, stop giving up on YOU.You're worth living, your worth having happiness, its your right, so start fighting back and know you can do it.
Best wishes
Billie UK

Master Answered:
Being obese would make anyone out of breath, the best thing is to get back on your hbp pills. Once you have that under control, then start some light exercise, I did this now i am walking more & now have lost nearly 2 stone, this should help you. I was told it was like a 10 stone man carrying himself around all day. hope this helps & apoligies if i have offended you in any way & hope you feel easier.

Iggy Answered:
I doubt I can tell from the information given.

I echo the suggestion you go to a doctor.

There is a reason you were prescribed HBP medication and if that reason hasn't gone away you are putting yourself at risk.Similarly sleep apnea can be deadly.Ideally you should be sleeping with a sleep apnea mask.Assuming you can afford the visit, medication and device I'd recommend you pursue this.

If you are always out of breath, this is an indication of tiredness.Since you posted in a heart disease forum I can guess you are concerned about heart disease.HBP can lead to heart problems, hence your concern is valid.

HBP with the sleep apnea could make you tired.Being tired you are less likely to exercise which can contribute to obesity.

My recommendation would be go to a doctor, get HBP and sleep apenea under control, check for other problems and under supervision gradually increase your amount of exercise.With your stated problems if you increase exercise without medical advice/supervision you are taking a risk.

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