what’s wrong with me, what should i talk to the doctor about?

Tom Asked: what’s wrong with me, what should i talk to the doctor about?

I'm going to see the doctor next week about a range of things, heres my list of symptoms off the top of my head: anxiety/depression, occasionally very agitated, snoring, night sweats, random shallowness of breathe (usually mornings, feels like im not getting enough oxygene), mild chest pains (few times a day for 1-2hrs, left side only) often accompanied by random muscle twitches usually in my upper arms, major lack of energy/fatigue, difficulty concentrating/poor memory, dehydration, oversleeping, digestive discomfort, audio hallucinations. occasionally blurring of vision (mornings), sensitivity to sunlight, headaches (crushing pressure at the base of skull near back of neck), teeth grinding/jaw clenching.
based off symptoms im sure ive got some form of depression and pro bally sleep apnea. what i want to know is what else may i have and what should i talk to the doctor about?im going to give him/her a written list of symptoms but im terrible with asking questions on the spot so i want to come up with a decent list beforehand. as far as my current health goes im 25yr old, quit smoking about 3 years ago but smoked well over a pack a day on average from 14yrs old until then,i don't drink much at all atm, once every month or 2 i might get drunk and i might drink once socially between then, i smoke a little bit of pot on a daily basis (1 cone a night atm), im unfit atm but only a few kilos over weight if at all. all thoughts and idea would b appreciated,thank you in advance.
btw sorry for making this so long and sorry about the poor grammar/spelling or lack off.


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