What’s wrong with me? What mental disorders do you think I have? (10 points to best answer)?

Jessica Camarena Asked: What’s wrong with me? What mental disorders do you think I have? (10 points to best answer)?

So, I'm not sure what's wrong with me…I know there's something wrong with me, but I'm not sure just what. I cut quite often, although it's not always that deep and it doesn't draw too much blood. I'm obsessed over my weight, and I count calories like crazy. I'm 5'1 and 120.4 pounds, only thirteen, I'm like a whale…the most I've fasted for is about 3 days, but I always end up binging or purging. I purge a lot (if you don't know what purging is, it's eating something and then throwing it all up), but I'm not always successful. I speak to a psychiatrist but I'm never honest, I don't tell any of them anything…they still say it's possible I'm schizophrenic, though, and I've already been diagnosed with Generalized Anxiety Disorder and severe depression. I'm always paranoid and jumpy, anxious, worried about stupid things…I'm not motivated to do anything except sleep, and even though I know I should do something with my life and try to fix it, I never do. My family's really messed up, and I live with my grandmother (my dad's an alcoholic who is currently living with us, and my mom lives far away-she's a drug addict). I don't really have any role models or good friends that I would share this all with, and I put on a facade every time I'm around people. Sometimes I get in really weird moods and get really weird thoughts (to hurt myself, to hurt others, ways I could kill myself right then & there, or insane things I could do in a situation). I'm also extremely skeptical of everyone, and think no one has any good intentions for me whatsoever, although I think it's worth to try anything…does anyone know what's wrong with me? Or, what do you think is wrong with me? I'm extremely confused and have no where else to turn…the internet is pretty much where I try to find a lot of the answers to my problems, since people are too sketchy to talk to in real life. So yeah…help?


stkchk4 Answered:
Y!A responders really can't help you – you have to help yourself.The first step would be to be honest with your therapist.They can see through all the pain and bullsh*t you're going through to help you learn methods to cope with all this mess.This mess really is only temporary, even though I know it feels like you've been drowning in it forever..You sound like you're dealing with multiple manifestations of the stress of living your life.Therapists have heard it all – you won't be able to shock a good one – and have actually learned extensively how to help people maneuver through it all.This is the time of your life you should get some enjoyment out of living.Help yourself by letting someone help you…..

Blackeh Answered:
Well, you're bulimic for, one thing… possibly anorexic on top of that.
It sounds like you have social anxiety stemming from your past with your parents.
You didn't really ask for advice, but I'm hoping you'll listen to me anyway. Despite your distrust of people, strive to find a role model. It doesn't have to be a super hero, a family member, or any stupid cliche' thing like that. The person doesn't even have to have accomplished all that much, Maybe it could be someone you feel is more trustworthy then the rest. Make a bond with this person and confide in them, if and when you feel comfortable. As for your psychiatrist – just tell him about your anxiety and suicidal thoughts. Nothing more, unless you feel it's right.

Jdjde Answered:
A psychiatrist can help you with all this, just tell he/she what you wrote here.

Ms Equine Answered:
Go seek professional help…

This is my nickname Answered:
For the eating disorder, perhaps bulimia nervosa. The reason they're considering schizophrenia is because of your weird moods/thoughts. Schizophrenia means you have delusional thoughts, hallucinations, stuff like that.

You are not a whale. Your BMI is 22.75, the "normal, healthy" BMI ranges from 18.5 to 24.99. Maybe you already know this, but you do need to tell yourself; you must try to stay rational about your self image.

That's sad to hear about your family. It would be really hard to have mental health issues and not have good support. You need to realize that there are people that do, or will care about you. Try to be open to them and not think everyone hates you; it isn't true.

You need to be honest with your psychiatrist. If you dont like him/her, then change doctors, but you NEED to be honest. You will never get better if you aren't honest and open with your doctors. You also need to be open to the treatment and genuinely try to follow through with it. It ultimately comes down to how much effort you'll put in. If you have schizophrenia, you will likely need to be put on an anti-psychotic. Taking meds might be scary, but it's really not that big of a deal, sooo many people are on medication.

None of us can diagnose you. We aren't doctors, and you can't give us enough information in a yahoo post. Please don't take any of us too seriously, and get multiple opinions from your doctors even, because they're only human!

Hope things work out.

Anna Answered:
Theres this website for teens that can give the best answers, its helped me alot.
if you take your time to look at it.. theres a whole bunch of short helpfull and easy to read articles. there are over 100 topics "just" for teens. p.s You have no idea how much i go on this site.. I've free'd myself from depression over it. Please, it will help you too.. huugggee promise!! type in www.watchtower.ORGand not .com its ".org' ,then click first link.. when ur on the site, you will notice a Search bar on the top right of ur screen.. type in it ( Young people ask)Then press search! and then when you scroll down you can click " view next set.. that will show you more topics.. so just keep clicking next page untill you find what help ur looking for. btw im 14. i might sound crazy, but im so positive that ur going to get the best help of ur life with this site.. its changed me and gave me hope. =]

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