What should i do?? help?

Jess Asked: What should i do?? help?

i have depression,anxiety and insomnia, my mum passed away when i was 10 from cancer, i get bullied alot at school now (im 13 turning 14) and peoplle call me ''u'gly'' ''emo'' ''nerd'' etc, lately ive been having extreme anger issues and depression issues as well, when my friends talk to me i zone out and they can say things in a joking way that make me want to hit them. me and my friend have gone to the councellor because she has depression and anger issues as well, and it was going rly great until the deputy principal decided that she was just using it to get out of class which i know she didnt because she has a lot of bad things going on right now, so the councellor hasnt spoken to us since she even went to measurments when me and my friend went to see her and she satyed in the room until we left then we seen her walk out once we did.lately i literally want to kill some of the people that have caused me pain especially the bullies and the people i trusted with secrets about my past and depression issues who ended up leaving me and telling their other friends. im so angry all the time and ive cried every night for the past 2 weeks, please help me, i also self halm but have restrained for a while now, please help me ive been having nightmares about death and related things like that for the past month or so 🙁 please help. ignore my grammar please, 10 points best answer.


Advice Girl 1 Answered:
I've gone through this, death, nightmares, depression. It is hard when you lose someone special in you're life, especially your mum. You are brave and strong. Do those kids who bully you know your mum had died? Shame on them. Anger is all part of growing up, especially around the early 'teen' years. I feel like hitting my friends when they piss me off. Try- www.kidshelpline.com.au for teens, chat rooms and emailing is a solution. I think you need to tell your dad about this or someone close. See a psychiatrist about your nightmares and related issue. Three word summing up you- Just Be Strong. Good luck and please find help hun xx

Kyle Ladd Answered:
my parents have been split up since before i was born. my step mom molested me. my real mom was an abusive drunk who was always hooking up with random people right in front of me and always made me do ridiculous work and never let me go outside. she always had me moving from house to house and changing schools. needless to say i was never in the same place long enough to make any real friends. my real father paid my moms boyfriend at the time to adopt me because he didn't want me. after i finally got the love of my life to stop doing drugs and dancing for money she had me smoking weed every single day to the point tat i dropped out of school and had no idea what was going on so that way she could cheat on me and yet still have someone to come home to and some one to love her with all there heart. i found out and it destroyed me…we were together for 4 years and now ive been single for 2 years because my self esteem is so low i wont dare approach anyone. i need attention so badly from ANYONE that i get on omegle and perform sexual stunts so that i can feel loved every once in a while. i have insomnia, im a chronic masturbater and im addicted to porn. i live my life by staying in other peoples houses until they get fed up with me and kick me out because i cant afford my own place. im 20 and i don't have a license or a car. you see? other people have problems too. and to top it all off, on my 19th birthday my moms boyfriend at the time broke into our house and committed suicide in front of me after holding my mom at knife point and the last thing i said to him was think of your 6 year old son, and then screamed for the cop to taze him. just look for the silver lining of things. don't let people put you on absurd medications. you can get through this. its just life. look at it as a challenge and say, i can overcome this. i am stronger than this. i am currently joining the marines in order to get some self control and to get my life on track. you should really look into it. you get all kinds of health benefits and they'll put you through college. and you get a life insurance policy for $475,000.00 so who ever you sign it over to gets about $300,000.00 if you die in war. look into the marines or any military for that matter. its good for you and they'll teach you all about life and how to over come difficult obstacles. good luck friend and i sincerely hope you get through this without hurting yourself or anyone else. god bless.

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