What should i do after a massive binge day?

Arvella Asked: What should i do after a massive binge day?

To be honest, i've had an eating disorder, but have managed it well over the past few months, eating very good wholesome food and in good portion sizes balanced over the day, along with moderate exercise. But i also had a massive relapse last week, and today. I am petrified about the effect it is going to have on my body.. as just after last weeks binge day i have noticed my thighs have swollen up and are really uncomfortable to touch, they have never been like that, and i don't want to say it, but im afraid new cellulite/stretchmarks have started to appear. I spent the 5 past days working out and eating healthily to counteract it, but today happened, and im worried my thighs/hip region is only going to keep getting worse after the damage i did today. Ok – so my question is.. Should i exercise before i sleep tonight to burn off what i can, or wait until tomorrow and the next few days to go hard at it? Also, what should i be eating the next few days to make sure im not worsening the fat setting in? PLEASE, any help would be very much appreciated. This is a vital issue for me and i have not been able to find decent advice even on a paid advice site. Thanks so much in advance!


Astra Answered:
First you need to calm down. I know it seems like you've suddenly gotten bigger overnight, but it's all in your head. I've had eating disorder problems myself, though it was a while ago. And I know It's hard to get back to healthy and not freak out when you have a bit of a binge.. or a lot of a binge. But you don't get fatter over night.

If your thigh is hurting think back to any possible injury, take it easy with the exercise for a couple of days, put some ice on it. (Don't use heat!) If you keep a food & exercise diary check what you've been eating and burning. If you don't eat enough to fuel yourself (keeping in mind your amount of exercise) Your body goes into famine mode and keeps all the fat to protect against starvation and eats away at the muscle instead of the fat. If you don't have a f&e diary start keeping one. (It makes it so much easier to see how you improve too. :)) If your thighs don't stop hurting in the next few days then go seedoctor.

Anorhi D Answered:
You need some help, because what you're describing is paranoia, and has little to do with reality.

You don't just blimp up after a binge, and the fact you 'counteracted' it(which is a horrible idea, you binge because of deficiencies, starving yourself after your body tried to right, a wrong, is begging for more problems), shows you have a very bad mind-set when it comes to weight-control.

So see your doctor, or a therapist, and work with them, to get you healthy and BALANCED, because right now you're spiraling out of control, and it isn't your body, it's in your head.

Neil Answered:
I am going to speak from personal experience here so it may or not apply to you. When I catch myself binge eating it is one of two reasons. Firstly I've deprived myself of something and therefore I become somewhat obsessed with it and eventually in a moment of weakness end up eating the whole house out and later feeling guilty and a failure. Secondly, I have also a spiritual connection too. I am a born again christian and have accepted Jesus as my savior. Sometimes when I am not being spiritually feed through the word of God or having prayer time I will begin to feel unsatisfied. I have often translated this into being hungry…of course I am but not for food. So I will start eating and not be satisfied and move onto something else and still not be satisfied. Or eat something I shouldn't eat and feel temporary satisfaction but then still shortly after have that longing again. Arvella, I would recommend not obsessing over anything food or exercise. When I have it has not led to happiness it has led to guilt and shame cause I messed up again. Each day God grants you is his love for you and a new beginning. If you don't know Jesus as your savior perhaps you have that craving that only God can fill.
May God bless you and yours,
Melinda :o)

Melinda Answered:

Visit your physician for proper assessment and counselling.

Solution Answered:
My answer is that it's only in your mind that your thighs have swollen.They can't be after one binge.The real answer to your problem is in pcychological therapy-not exercising.Because the point is not about being skinny/slim/athletic or whatever,it's about NOT overthinking about food/exersice/weight/image all day and live your life-don't make food-body your life purpose…

CMMFTW Answered:
Ok first of all i'm sorry that your going through this torment. I like yourself have suffered many eating issues and its frustrating…so frustrating.

So in answer to your experience (from experience with weight flucturating you need to take a step back and realise what happened. Why are you binging? Are you dealing with your foods because of emotional problems… I binge and have only just learnt to control it. For this i needed an eating plan..because take it from me even after you exercise now..hard.. you'll relapse as soon as something else comes along and before you know it you'll be in an endless and painful rut..and it sucks.it sucks so much! Life ay..hard times I'm telling you.

OK soooo with all that aside I'm going to say accept yourself today and start afresh tomorrow. Don't cause torment for yourself because its no quick fix, to be honest if you can get back to scratch tomorrow just by having a healthy routine you'll be thankful that you didn't binge…then the more you stick to your plan the better you'll feel…the weight will be lost in the healthy way and bombs your uncle you'll be on your way to recovery…

Write down everything you eat. It will concentrate your mind. When you think you about to binge or relapse do something you enjoy, get out the kitchen, listen to music ANYTHING… and stick to your calories per day (if your trying to lose it stick to 12000 cals) and you'll be on the way to a healthy and recovered new you. Write down your thoughts and feelings, write down your foods, food is not the enemy, i track it online on www.makemyplate.co … Its a more visual and fun thing so it stops looking at food as the devil!!

Good luck, i want you to be ok, i know how you feel and i promise you you will be ok 🙂 🙂

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