What medication would you recommend?

Swarley Asked: What medication would you recommend?

I have OCD, Severe Anxiety Disorder, Insomnia(this is the worst of all of my conditions), and PTSD.PTSD kind of triggered and/or worsened my other problems.

I've been to many different psychologists/psychiatrists to no avail.They keep putting me on SSRI's even though I have a bad reaction to them and they for the most part do not work for me.

I've been on the following medications: Zoloft, Paxil, Celexa, Trazadone(for insomnia), Prozac, Serzone, etc.None of these worked despite me being on each one for several months at a time over the past decade.I tell them this and they continue to throw anti depressants at me even though I am not the least bit depressed.

I'm just curious to see if people that suffered the same problems as me found something that worked for them.

ALSO, I have an additional question related to this.. should I see a primary care physician or find a new psychiatrist?I'm in a new area so I will be looking for both, I just don't know if primary care physicians can treat stuff like insomnia or severe anxiety.



Amanda Answered:
I would suggest Lorazepam for the anxiety. It's wonderful! ;*

Light of the Word or just Kelly if you feel Answered:
I am recovering,(or trying) from the same things.What has helped me immensely is a benzodizapine,for Ex. Xanax,or Klonopin.I took EVERYTHING before this (over 20 drugs at least) and this was the first to get me through the day.Another thing you might want to do is get some spiritual help also.If that is not your thing read or better yet get the audio version of Power of Now,by Eckhart Tolle.I have had severe depression as well and was suicidal and this book really helped.Good Luck to You.

Emily P Answered:
I have panic disorder and agoraphobia and BPDand i have taken all the same medications you listed and they don't work for me either….. i am now on Wellbutrin XL , Lamictal, and Klonopin they work to take the edge off but i had been prescribed trazadone and ristoral for insomnia and neither worked because they are to help you stay asleep but not to fall asleep so i started taking Excedrin PMwhich works wonders .

it sounds strange but it helps me fall asleep within the hour that i take it and i wake up refreshed the next day and don't feel hung over like the others made me feel. No other PM medications work for me even have the opposite effect on me but this one is worth a try for the insomnia. Also i would go to a Psychiatrist for your prescriptions not just a primary doctor as they don't have extensive knowledge in diagnosing you they only give what they know about and you cant just take an antidepressant for what you are going through you need an antidepressant, Mood Stabilizer for the OCD and the Anti Anxiety all together .

Scoti Answered:
They're giving you anti depressants for the anxiety disorders. It doesn't matter if you don't suffer from depression. Have you tried Lexapro?

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