what do you think of this rap\?

Jarreau Fourie Asked: what do you think of this rap?

The feeling is disappearing,we no longer connect
Both emotions, depression and affection start to reflect
Yes..I'm breaking her heart,im doing what's wrong
Exploiting my mistakes within this song
The season is changing the rain is beginning
Im Stricken By the feeling of pain
Starting to show signs of being insane
Althoughthe feeling is right,the emotion is tight
Still the love might just end over night
Blood spilling from this wrist,I'm becoming ludicrous
This is my blood sweat and tears,this a feeling I haven't felt in years
it appears that love changes quick like how Ferraris Switch gears
Damn,the blood is stained,love is lost,and hate is gained
While I'm contained within this entrapment of pain
Another ni99a fallen victim to the heartbreak game
Insomnia kicked in sh!!t I haven't slept for one week
Yess… It makes one weak
It hits my gut as my mind is struck within this hype
Questioning myself why do I always fall for your type


Yah Oooo Answered:
lesbian. lousy and lesbian (the new 'gaaaaaaaaaaaay!')

Junior Answered:
Its good but to be honest I write my own songs and I do thm at music studio and that is more of a poem not a song sorry to tell ya, keep on trying at it thou don't let it get u down..

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