various symtoms: what could it mean? is this depression?

Katie Asked: various symtoms: what could it mean? is this depression?

I am experiencing some strange mental/physical symtoms that occurred rather abruptly within the last two weeks and I don't know what to make of it.

I have had EDNOS (eating disorder not otherwise specified) for the past 4 years now, and it tends to drastically worsen in the summer. I lose about 20 pounds every summer, and about a net worth of 0-10 the rest of the year. Meaning every year, I'm around 30 pounds less. Although I am currently no longer in school, I am in an internship that is a requirement for passing my grade, and my eating habits are worsening. I am working with genetics research relating to anorexia. I find that throughout the day I become more tired and mentally strained. It's not just the lack of food, because I am still eating, just less than normal (I've functioned under a lower weight and with consuming less food). I start to zone out on my readings, I will read a paragraph and only retain a few words. I tend to feel randomly dizzy and rather heated throughout the day and become fidgety. I've never had problems focusing, I am a 4.5 gpa honors student that has always been diligent. I now feel disconnected and detached from reality. When I try to go home and relax by watching a movie, I zone out and can't focus on even disney movie plots. I don't know what's happening. As the day progresses eating is much harder and my throat starts to physically close. Eventually, every night, without fail, I have either some form of panic attack or breakdown. I cry and suddenly worry about everything: where will I go to college? what if I'm not successful and my hard work goes to nothing? Am I going crazy? is everyone out to get me? It's getting progressively worse, I'm starting to isolate myself from social interactions, using all of my free time sleeping because I'm so drained.

I have thought perhaps this is depression, but I have no thoughts of suicide nor am I very sad…

Any input would be beneficial.. thank you


Vortex Answered:
If every year for the past four years you have lost 30 pounds that would mean you are 120 pounds lighter. I hope you weighed at least 240 when this started. I am not out to get you so not everyone is out to get your. Your condition sounds like Anxiety neurosis which is rather common resulting in a generalized anxiety disorder and social phobia. I am certain depression is in the mix because it is hard to have the condition when happy. I would suggest a therapist, a witch doctor, a psychiatrist, or anyone else who dabbles in such mysteries to treat you and make you well. If you wish, write to me through my profile and I will do my best to help you. Good luck!

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