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Am I Bipolar??????????

Samantha Asked: Am I Bipolar??????????

I've done a lot of research about bipolar disorder but I still don't know enough to know I'm Bipolar. I did have some of the symptoms of it though.

Like the fact that every school night I only get four and a half hours of sleep (go to bed at 2:00,wake up at 6:30) and I am still wide awake and extremely hyper. I also feel like I'm more than just a regular person, kind of like I'm part of something big. I have a very low attention span and I get irritated way too easily.

At school, my friends get very annoyed at how hyper I am and they usually tell me to calm down. At home, my sister usually irritates me and I lash out and slap her. My parents usually don't take me out to restaurants anymore because we usually have to wait in a long lineup and I always complain and say horrible things about the restaurant out loud so the people that work there can hear.

if I am bipolar, what type of bipolar disorder do I have? If it matters,(which it probably will) I'm twelve years old. Should I go to the doctors and get tested? Thank you for reading….

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Posted by Zelma Jefferson - March 31, 2012 at 5:01 am

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