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Anyone have experience with agoraphobia/panic disorder?

Sarah Asked: Anyone have experience with agoraphobia/panic disorder?

I became addicted to narcotic pills because they made able to sleep and leave my house. But now I have detoxed from them and my agoraphobia is back.. It all started the other day when I suddenly had a panic attack in my car not far from my house. I pulled over and chewed some Valium. (The last of my supply). Now they won't give me more because I am "blacklisted." So I need to know what the best method is for freeing myself of this hell? I am smoking weed whenever I want to leave my house, but I don't know if I can keep up with that either. I can't even go to my NA meeting right now. And I feel like this disorder is just going to drag everyone else down with me.. My ultimate fear is getting sick to my stomach (In one way or another) in front of everyone. I always have to know I am close to a bathroom. But if I have a panic attack, and we pull the car over, and I am by a bathroom, then I never want to leave. So I am afraid of many things with the agoraphobia. I feel like I am taking a gamble anytime I get in the car. How can I help myself on this one?

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Posted by Zelma Jefferson - February 5, 2012 at 11:21 pm

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