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I feel paranoid sometimes. Help?

TrulyBrutallyHonest Asked: I feel paranoid sometimes. Help?

So, I always get this paranoid feeling that ones that I love are hurt or upset, and when I do, I get nervous and start breaking down and crying. I hate the feeling. It's scary.. I can't sleep when I'm in that position. And, when I feel that way, I feel so alone.. I already have depression and most likely bipolar and I take medication for it. Is this a disorder? Is there something wrong with me?

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Posted by Zelma Jefferson - June 19, 2012 at 4:41 pm

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Do I have PTSD and did it spiral into these other things?

Cassidy Asked: Do I have PTSD and did it spiral into these other things?

I'm a 13 year old girl and I've been through a lot throughout this past year. Now, when all these things occurred that I'm gonna talk about, I was 12 if that matters at all. Either late June or mid to early July, my great grandmother died. I was close to her so it was very traumatic and I was depressed after that. Then October 13th, my bestfriends mom died and she was like my second mom. Then, on that following Monday was her funeral. When we got home, I just kinda stayed downstairs and watched tv and then went to the bathroom and I saw that my parents were upstairs and I also heard them having sex. I could hear the bed shaking and when I went upstairs I heard them more. I felt sick to my stomach and I kept crying. When is asked my parents what happened, they lied and said they were just watching tv. It's been 8 months since then. I can hear the bed shaking in my head and I hold my ears and cry again and whenever I think about it, I cry uncontrolably and clutch my ears to make it stop. I don't want to remember it but I do. And then after that, I've had more mental issues. I have symptoms of severe depression and symptoms of bipolar disorder and schizophrenia. And I'm also paranoid about whenever my parents are npboth in their room and their door is closed or whenever I hear shaking. I'm also showing signs of multi-personality disorder. I'm always stressed and have major mood swings. I'm more violent. I have nightmares from it and sometimes I dream of my parents having sex with each other and other people now. I don't concentrate near as much and have severe sleeping problems. And I just wanna idea if I have it or not because it seems like I do because I keep thinking back to hearing them and my bestfriends mom dying and my greatgrandmother dying but mostly sex and bestfriends mom because they were so close. And I've also been experiencing more sexual desire which is freaking me out but I think it might be a reaction from hearing my parents.
Thanks in advance for all answers.

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Posted by Zelma Jefferson - June 11, 2012 at 12:21 pm

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Give up or give in to depressed friend? (long)?

Molly Asked: Give up or give in to depressed friend? (long)?

Jack and I have been good friends for 3 years. He is supposed to be depressed. I say supposed to be because he dropped out of college twice but likes to go out partying, eating out and to the cinema. Whereas I might have been depressed before (no doctors diagnosis so I can't say I was), and did not want to do anyone of those things.

Anyway, recently he has started ignoring me and I don't know what to do.

In November, he kept annoying me by posting lots of things to my facebook such as "why aren't you online. where are you, talk to me, get online etc" but he knew I was in university and was really busy. I felt sorry for him because he dropped out of college after 2 weeks and deferred his entry to uni, so he was at home all the time, doing nothing. However, I still talked to him a lot.

December, I was super busy. I had 3 assignments and my internet at home was playing up. He told me he fancied me and asked me out. I wasn't stupid, I did know of his mood swings before, but I did like him, and he really kept trying to persuade me. Eventually I said yes. 2 weeks later and he dumps me, saying he still had feelings for his ex and another person (which I didn't know, because if I did I would not have gone out with him.)

January, he tells me he is flirting with someone else. This did not bother me at all as we decide to be friends. But he lies to me about his internet was going off forever, and I got worried in case he was going to do something stupid. So our communication had got less and he started talking to anothergirl more, claiming she was a close friend, when she doesn't even know about his depression and self harm.

Then he stopped talking to me only to tell me his problems. He logged into facebook one day and launched into a full rant about something and logged off.

Now he practically doesn't talk to me.I felt really lonely the other day, and broke into tears (which I rarely do) and so decided to talk to him. Conversation was:

Me: Hi
Me:How are you?
Jack: ok, I guess. you?
Me: Feel like crap
Jack: Why?
Me: Don't know
Jack ok. bye.

Even though I spent hours talking and listening to him when he wanted to self harm, run away, commit suicide, he couldn't be bothered to talk to me??? He was not busy, if he was why didn't he ask how I was at a later date? Later, I told him I passed my exam, and he didn't say much. Then I asked him if everything was ok and he said "is it ever ok?".He was in and out of a relationship for 2 weeks, but he talks about it as if it was true love and the one. This coming from a 20 year old guy who was being messed about with by a 16 year old. If I try to talk to him he might ignore me, or tell me all of his problems. The thing is he is on anti depressants and has counsellors, but he expects everything to get better when he needs to help himself. The only advice I had when I might have been depressed (I cried constantly, never enjoyed things, slept a lot, and had panic attacks and social anxiety disorder and no doctors or meds) was to get over it, which I did, so why can't he? I can't handle his problems since I have my own and my dad is terminally ill. I don't know whether this friendship is worth saving. Should I give up and ignore him (unless its something serious) or give in and try to talk to him more?

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Posted by Zelma Jefferson - June 10, 2012 at 11:01 am

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things ive learned in my short life!?

another piece of my heart taken 6512 Asked: things ive learned in my short life!?

very depressed right now. have been having alot going on and i have taken all that i can take. im very fragile right now, and im working on being the best that i can be… fiance' and i are having problems alot lately but its nothing that we cant get through together, its just really rough right now. been with him for 2 years almost 3. it was love at first sight been together ever since. life is not all roses, and picture perfect never has been my outlook on life, why because im realistic and i live in a realistic world, not a my world where every things perfect. if i was perfect and everything else was perfect i would never gain any wisdom or knowledge two totally different things. im 21 years old and ive been engaged since i was 19 years old, my fiance' is 53years old, and no its not about materials, ive always been into older guys because of the things i had done to me and the things i went through as a child for many years. my fiance' almost got killed on january3,2012 because of a lady texting and driving. its a long story, and that's all im going to say. but i thought my fiance' was dead and that's the scariest thing to go through is to think ur best friend in the world, ur soul mate, ur partner for life has been taken away from you! i have been dealing with postamatic stress disorder and there for a few months every-single night i would be waking up screaming, and also screaming in my sleep, because i was dreams of different versions of the accident one the way it happened and 2 different versions of how the accident could've happened. i was eating, iwasn'tt sleeping, because i was afraid to go to sleep. anyways i guess my message is no matter how bad it gets never give up because we haven't and we are still fighting with everythinwe'veve got in us. its tiring yes, but you have to take care oyou'rere responsibilities in life and just because things go great or badoesn'tnt mean that those responsibilities go away! it bothers me at times, when people just sit around for things to happen instead of doing the steps and doing the footwork it takes to help make those things happen. its like the people who expect everything to be handed to them. idoesn'tnt work like thatthat'sts reality.. i dont know why but i felt like posting this, cause maybe it can help someone else out there who is going through hard times, maybe it will help with giving u hope. i just know i wont give up, and just roll over for anybody… i have more respect for myself as a human being, and i love myself way to much, to just throw my life away that ive worked so hard to have, to be just taken away just like that. not all things i can control, but if i do my part like im supposed too, then i wont have anything to worry about…. hope iawesomeme… p.s. i go by Abs my mom gave me that nickname lol

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Posted by Zelma Jefferson -  at 11:01 am

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Few period questions(NO GUYS PLZ?)?

KK Asked: Few period questions(NO GUYS PLZ?)?

Ok, so i just turned 14 22days ago. I have not started my period but i think im going to start soon i have had discharge for like 1 1/2 years, boobs (small only 36A but my mom and aunt have small boobs so id think ima grow anymore), 141 pounds, underarm and pubic hair, oily skin and hair, mood swings, tiredness, insomnia, and alot more! My aunt started at 12 and my mom at 13. Ok so here r my questions:
1.) Do you think im going to start soon? How soon?
2.) I have pads but id like them so im going to get always infinity, should i get regular or heavy flow? IDK what flow i will be and most people start light but some are heavy at first.
3.) How would i tell my dad tht i got it, i dont live near my mom or aunt!
4.) Is it weird that i want it? I know its a pain and i will probably hate it in a couple years but my friends are like look at her, shes an underdeveloped little twerp cuz im going into 9th grade next year and the only one of my friends and from what it seems most girls in my grade who hasn't started.
5.) Do you think my boobs will grow cuz like i said my mom and my aunt have small ones but i at least want a B cup, my friends also make fun of my boob size but its not my fault!
Oh and by friend, i mean my friend Jordan who is a ***** to me but shes like my only friend!
6.) This is totally unrelated but my friend Jordan just started going out with this guy i have liked since last year (she didn't know) and before this my other friend went out with him for a year! I know he doesn't like me tho cuz they are both really skinny and have B cup boobs and i have a stomach and am an A cup. How do i get over him, now im always around him! Oh and even better he started sitting at our lunch table and there isnt enough room for everyone so me, my friend tess and dana got kicked out! So now im really mad at her and she didn't even care!
Sorry im ranting about my problems lol

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Posted by Zelma Jefferson - May 22, 2012 at 11:40 pm

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How to get insomnia"……?

Jarreau Fourie Asked: How to get insomnia"……?

You mean how did you get insomnia??

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Posted by Zelma Jefferson - May 21, 2012 at 4:00 pm

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How do I tell my family I want to Use Marijuana For Medical Use?

christopher b Asked: How do I tell my family I want to Use Marijuana For Medical Use?

OK, I'm 16 and I'm a sophomore in High school and i have had major stress at school and home, my mother has Cancer and my dad is going on in years. I have lower back damage that i can back up from middle school because they didn't give me a locker so all my large book were carried in two hugh bags. They bags were destroyed due to the sharp ends on the books. This has caused me lower back nerve damage that at random times pain will shoot into my spine, I also have insomnia which mean under little circumstances i cant sleep. Now She knows about all this and she does nothing about the nerve damage and gives me OTC pills for sleeping's. I have been on pills for about a year and i know it's killing my liver. This isn't a cry for help so can smoke weed it's legit medical. I live in Covington, Georgia and my dad is fully anti Marijuana and my mom said she would get pissed if i had some because she is afraid for my future which is sad i must choose comfort and happiness over success and being a law abiding citizen. How should i ask her to use Marijuana as Medical because pills are killing me slowly and i know it.

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Posted by Zelma Jefferson - January 24, 2012 at 3:20 am

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