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please advice me on this?

mrs abiankem Asked: please advice me on this?

-11am wake up from couch
feed baby (she sleeps till bout 10-11am)
have a cigerette
wait for husband to come home
watch tv
between 12-3pm go shop
give baby milk then nap nout 2-3ish
watch tv
tidy up
have a meal
nd snack nd watch tv
husband finally talks randomly
then watch tele again
play with baby througout the day
bath baby bout 7ish the bed time at half 7
husband or me might go to friends but 1 of us stay home
then i fall asleep everynight on couch between 2-4am
please can i get advice on how to have a better life
i apply for work nd cant afford college nd wont get funded
i have depresion and insomnia which is why i cant sleep and family live 300 and 2000 milles from us

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Posted by Zelma Jefferson - December 10, 2011 at 12:40 pm

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