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Does feeling anxious over small things mean you have an anxiety disorder?

Asked: Does feeling anxious over small things mean you have an anxiety disorder?

I'm trying to work out if I have a disorder or if I just have a nervous personality.

I get nervous over small things- maybe everyone does and it's completely normal though.
-When I'm waiting for a friend at the place we said we'd meet I always feel really tense and on edge.
-When I'm waiting for a bus and then I see it coming I feel uneasy, also when I need to get off the bus at my stop.
– When people ask me personal things my face usually flushes and I panic a little. Even if it's my best friend.
– When I wake up in the morning I feel I can't get out of bed because I'm worried about how the day will turn out, if I'll be feeling happy or not, if I will feel bad about myself, if I will be tired, if I will look into the mirror and see spots on my face that weren't there the night before, if I will embarrass myself, if something bad happens etc.
– When I have assignments due I spend so much time feeling stressed about them- to the point I feel too overwhelmed to do them.
– When I DON'T have assignments due I feel stressed because I feel like I am waiting for something really bad to happen to me
– my hands shake and my heart races every time someone criticize me in any way, then I have sleepless nights thinking about it.
– I don't sleep well because I dread waking up the next morning, even on the weekends

I've also noticed that I've stopped looking forward to things, even things I thought I liked. I dread everything in the future and have consequently stopped living in the present. I plan to go out with my friends to fun places but the night before I wish I hadn't made the plans because I don't feel like I have the energy to do it. BUT if I have no plans and I'm just spending the day at home I feel less worried, but still worried that I will be by myself in a really sad mood and I'll spend the day sleeping, eating and using the computer, which happens most of the time but I find this less daunting than going out.

17, female. Is this normal teenage stress and apathy?

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Posted by Zelma Jefferson - June 30, 2012 at 12:21 pm

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do i have a phsycological disorder if so what is it?

Cameron Asked: do i have a phsycological disorder if so what is it?

Im a 15 year old boy. Ive been having problems for a long time now. Today my dad got angry and started yelling so then i flipped out and let out all of my emotions because i was annoyed by other things( my friend constantly trying to impress a younger friend of ours gelling him how all these girls try to stalk him how cool he is you get the idea. My stepmom and her daughter annoying me people in public disrespecting me for no reason just constant stress being put on me and responsibilities) so i lashed out i punched the wall said im sick of the ******* bullshit and i smashed my hands onto my dogs cage and i said goddammit ive had enough and my father and i start arguing then i went into my room and said nothing can ever be ******* simple. As my friends were packing up and leaving i just sat at my bed feeling so guilty and i said im so sorry. When it was over i was saying things in my head like how im a bad son a bad friend a bad brother and in the past a bad boyfriend no one likes me. Just so much guilt i felt and i broke down into tears. Then i went to sleep from 1 until 4 pm. My dad woke me up and said im sorry you know me you [insert names] have anger problems i understand it. Ive constantly been feeling guilty for a long time now. This isnt the first time anything like this has happened. Sometimes all these things that annoy me pile on and i keep it inside. I tell people but no one really cares about it. Some days ill be very happy and optimistic other days i want people to not hother me and i want to be alone and cry. Or ill be happy and turn angry very fast. I always feel like i have to constantly focuss on something to keep someone occupied i can never relax and space out. I think about my guilt all the time. Im an asshole, im crazy no one really wants to be around me its an act just like my fake smile and laughs that hide all of my emotions. I swear i know i have a mental issue i have no idea what it is. I miss being the age of 12 and younger

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Posted by Zelma Jefferson -  at 12:20 pm

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Help and advice on situation?

Abbey Asked: Help and advice on situation?

Okay, so, I'm almost 17. I am currently living with my real mom and my step dad. They both smoke pot around me, and so far in my life, I HATE drugs, I don't do them and i never will. I found out that my mom told me that she "was going to smoke my first joint with me when i was 18" Like, Really? Those words REALLY did come out of her mouth. She emotionally abuses me, they both do. I recently lived with my real dad and my step mom in louisiana because my real dad was a little physically abusive and they are both HUGELY emotional abusive to me. My grandfather in lousisianapointed a gun to my step moms head, and lets just say that my dad put the bullets in the bayou. The environment there is/was horrible. I was so stressed out, and I was diagnosed with Manic Depressive disorder, and ADHD and anxiety. Anyways, Its gotten so bad here (In michigan) That I'm failing al of my classes, because I can NOT do my homework at home. I can never concentrate. I constantly wake up with panic attacks, and I hate being this way. I've always gotten $20 a week and i have to spend it on my basic necessities, tampons, shampoo, paper, pencils, etc. All because my mom doesn't buy my basic needs. I honestly don't know what to do. I've talked about emancipation and legal gaurdianship change, but I'm just scared to confront my mom AGAIN about wanting to move out. I really need help. I am not a person who cuts, or who considers suicide. I would rather die in my sleep. Any other way seems too painful. Today I got home and my room smelled like weed. (Notice: My mom does NOT have a medical card) and I got so mad. I am so mad at her right now. No, I am not doing this to rebel, please understand. I've been in counseling since I was in 3rd grade because it's been so bad. So PLEASE… Please, give me some options, and advice. Please.

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Posted by Zelma Jefferson - May 10, 2012 at 1:21 am

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What do u think of this incomplete rap…?

Jarreau Fourie Asked: What do u think of this incomplete rap…?


Seems like im a VIP at the club of pain
Another ni99a fallen victim to the heartbreak game
Insomnia kicked in sh.itI haven't slept for one week
Yes,It makes one weak….the emotion's looking bleak
So I'm set on the scene of the pain that one has never seen
The intensity rises,as im trapped within the matrix of insanity
Patiently awaiting the moment of sincerity


Damn words I never said and never will
that's truthful like the words from that alcohol spill
Seems like Heartbreak hotel is where I'm checked in
Seems like the end is just beginnin
Wondering if I'm following ,the pursuit of happiness
Consumed By the darkness and the lifeless
Because the pain is ,infinitely limitless
Yes ,living life with no emotion,no devotion or adoration
Linked to depression by the obscene obsession for affection
Deceived by the intense influential impressions
Controlled by the L.I.V.E and the L.I.V.E.D
Read it backward so that you can see
As I regain a slight amount of consciousness
I find within myself pure loneliness….
Damn who would've thought
A young ni99a writting rhymes would be caught

Is it likely for me to get signed….?????

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Posted by Zelma Jefferson - April 7, 2012 at 8:40 pm

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