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Insane insomnia?? Twenty characters?

servatis17 Asked: Insane insomnia?? Twenty characters?

So I just graduated highschool a week ago. My sleeping habits always start sucking the first week of summer, but gradually get better as the summer progresses towards the end when school used to start (what I mean by sucking is me staying up til 3-4am and sleeping til 3-4pm and then being restless at night due to sleeping all day). As usual my sleeping habits are shot, but my insomnia has been worse than ever. I stayed up until 8am yesterday night(morning?) and got about 5 hours of sleep because I had to wake up at 1pm. Well, it's now 2am and sleep continues to elude me. My body is ready to collapse. But I lay down, and all I can think about is random things that happened during the day. I've taken numerous showers over the past 3 hours, thinking maybe a warm shower would do the trick. Appearently trying that several times it still has had no effect and I still can not sleep. All I can think to do is lift weights. Lifting seems to calm me down but I've never been a heavy lifter and I'm only curling like 60-70 pounds (for my size, 5'11 and about 130 pounds I don't consider that too light..) but I've never been able to do more than 1-2 sets of 10 within a 30 min timeframe (unless I haven't worked out in the past week or so) but I just benched a set of 10 (only about 80 pounds, which even for my size I consider that very very light..) and then curled 3 sets of 10 all in the last 30-45 minutes… My arms are numb and in pain. My eyes feel like their falling out of their sockets and my legs are weak. But no matter how long I lay in bed with my eyes closed I still can't seem to find sleep. I tried a dose of melatonin which made me fairly drowsy and I managed to dose off for about 20 minutes and then gave up and started lifting again. Has anyone ever experienced this degree of insomnia? So much that no matter how little sleep you get or how worn your body is you just can NOT get to sleep? Please please, if you have any sort of advice or experience im begging you to reply. I can't keep doing this and If I can't find a solution here or on the other websites I've researched insomnia I will have to go to a doctor. Which is what I'm trying to avoid, I'm 17 and no way of paying a doctor bill and my parents don't want to spend money on anything while the economy is ****. Thanks to anyone who replys I know it's a lot of reading.. 10 points to best answer if it makes a difference to anyone

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Posted by Zelma Jefferson - June 10, 2012 at 11:00 am

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Fear of BUGS cuasing INSOMNIA? help?!?

Desiree Hollifield Asked: Fear of BUGS cuasing INSOMNIA? help?!?

Around summer time, my house gets a lot of bugs until we get the exterminator to clear it all up. I got home at 2am and when I went to bed I encountered a small roach-looking bug in my bed. I was awake in fear until 6am, hot and bothered. I got fed up and went downstairs at 6am and encountered a HUGE mosquito. I ran away ruffling my hair afraid it was in my hair or something. I knew it was chasing me so I ran and picked up cleaner b/c I couldn't find the bug spray and I sprayed cleaner at the damn thing and stepped on it fiercly.

I then walked back to the kitchen and encountered a live cocroach on it's back; yes, I said alive! I flipped out and covered my mouth, broke in a sweat and began to cry. It was twitching so awfully! I could hardly breathe and I felt like bugs were crawling all over me though they weren't. I ran around and finally fround the bug spray but it was for flying insects. I sprayed 1/4 of the can at the little f***er but it wouldn't DIE. I was afraid of squishing it because I couldn't stand that God awful crunch! So I carfully swept it into a dust pan and almost threw up. I was so sweaty and dizzy. I turned to dump it outside and found ANOTHER roach on it's back but it was dead. After some curse words and panic I swept it up too, purposly blurring my vision so I won't have to see it. I dumped it outside and brought my cat inside to protect me. I asked myself at one point, "am I dead? Is this Hell?"

I came down hungry and now I feel like I won't be able to eat for days. I often have nightmares about insects of all sorts (except butterflies). IS THIS NOT REDICULOUS? WHAT DO I DO TO GET OVER THIS?

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Posted by Zelma Jefferson - May 28, 2012 at 12:40 pm

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Do you think I have an eating disorder?

Asked: Do you think I have an eating disorder?

I'm not really sure whether I have one or not, because my situation doesn't really fit clearly into either being Bulimic or Anorexic.

At the moment, I'm about 5'1 in height and about 37kg in weight (almost 6 stones). I just turned 16. I am really skinny, and I have been for a few years now. The other day I looked at my stomach and was just breathing but I could see my bones and it made me sick. I'm always being told by family that I'm too skinny and need to put on weight. But it makes me really upset cause I can't, no matter what I eat I don't end up getting any fatter.

I really want to gain weight but I've been told I might have a fast/high metabolism and that's why I don't put on weight but haven't been to a doctor about it. Because I know whatever I eat doesn't make a difference, I rarely eat now cause I just think what's the point. I'm down to about 1 meal a day now cause I know nothings gonna change no matter how much I eat or how much I don't. Plus I've been really upset lately cause of things going on so I don't feel like eating.

Under 2 years ago I used to make myself sick, not because I thought I was fat, but because I felt unloved and ashamed of myself. I felt like I wasn't good enough, mainly cause of my parents. I did it to make myself feel better for the problems I have.

I tried to gain weight by binge eating the other day, but when I done it I wanted to make myself sick. But I knew I didn't want to go down that road again, I was very close to it though. I just kept eating until I wanted myself to be sick cause I'm having a hard time again.

I sleep a lot, more than I should, sometimes over 12 hours a day on the weekends. When I go to school I usually get less than 9 hours of sleep. I always feel tired even when I've slept for so long. I've also been asked if I was anemic cause my skin's really pale which I don't think it should be.

I really don't know what's going on. I don't think I have a disorder, I know I'm skinny. But can you help me Please, what do you think?<3

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Posted by Zelma Jefferson - April 21, 2012 at 2:01 pm

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What do u think of this incomplete rap…?

Jarreau Fourie Asked: What do u think of this incomplete rap…?


Seems like im a VIP at the club of pain
Another ni99a fallen victim to the heartbreak game
Insomnia kicked in sh.itI haven't slept for one week
Yes,It makes one weak….the emotion's looking bleak
So I'm set on the scene of the pain that one has never seen
The intensity rises,as im trapped within the matrix of insanity
Patiently awaiting the moment of sincerity


Damn words I never said and never will
that's truthful like the words from that alcohol spill
Seems like Heartbreak hotel is where I'm checked in
Seems like the end is just beginnin
Wondering if I'm following ,the pursuit of happiness
Consumed By the darkness and the lifeless
Because the pain is ,infinitely limitless
Yes ,living life with no emotion,no devotion or adoration
Linked to depression by the obscene obsession for affection
Deceived by the intense influential impressions
Controlled by the L.I.V.E and the L.I.V.E.D
Read it backward so that you can see
As I regain a slight amount of consciousness
I find within myself pure loneliness….
Damn who would've thought
A young ni99a writting rhymes would be caught

Is it likely for me to get signed….?????

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Posted by Zelma Jefferson - April 7, 2012 at 8:40 pm

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Did I have a bipolar episode?

Simba Asked: Did I have a bipolar episode?

I'm in my twenties, and once in a while (like a few times a year) I get the feeling that my thoughts are racing.As in, they are coming so fast that while I am talking to friends, I must seem scatter brained bc my thoughts are all over the place.
Usually, I am pretty hyper and random, but I've always attributed this to my bubbly personality.
Sometimes, I feel depressed for months at a time, but I usually feel that way because of something major that has happened in my life (ie sick family member).I'm never so down that I don't want to leave my house/pull myself together.

A few weeks ago, I started having trouble sleeping.Every night, I was getting 3-4 hours of sleep on average, and I'd wake up feeling completely rested.If I somehow managed, to get 5 or 6 hours of sleep, it was by forcing myself to stay in bed after randomly waking up in the middle of the night to go back to sleep again.One of the nights, I woke up in the middle of the night and my heart was POUNDING!
When I hung out with one of my friends around that time, I was having racing thoughts.
I've never had sleeping issues this bad before, and this cycle of no sleeping lasted for about 2-3 weeks.I could not figure out the cause, especially considering how one of the 3 weeks was during spring break.

I've never had the feeling of grandeur or invincibility, which is why I've always brushed off bipolar disorder.What does this sound like to you?Anxiety?

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Posted by Zelma Jefferson - March 31, 2012 at 11:20 am

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My Teen son and Marijuana?

FGGSFGFSGH Asked: My Teen son and Marijuana?

Recently, I discovered my 15 year old son has been using marijuana for the past 8 months. At first I was filled with anger and dissapointment, but he has persistently explained to me that it helps him relax and sleep as he has been trouble with anxiety, mild depression and insomnia. Last year, he had all B's and C's and was not using marijuana. Ever since he has begun, he has maintained a 3.6 GPA and seems overall happier and nicer to be around. He isn't dependent on it, either. Still, I realize that it is illegal and some say it is a 'gateway drug' although he says his friends and himself only use marijuana and don't want to get involved in anything more serious. Part of me says he can use it, with moderation, and part of me says No! It is a drug! I figure if it is helping him, the pros may outweigh the cons however. I would like some input from others to help me come to an informed decision for the best.

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Posted by Zelma Jefferson - March 28, 2012 at 7:20 am

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Im afraid i might be devolping insomnia and my eyes wont stop blinking regulary?

Chad Asked: Im afraid i might be devolping insomnia and my eyes wont stop blinking regulary?

Ive been up since eleven yesterday, so its been 34 hrs ive been up, plan was id stay up to get my sleeping routine on order, id be tired tonight at ten and then wake up early tomorrow but its now midnight and im still up and not tired i just feel kinda good staying up seeing all creation wake up and go to sleep it gives me a better illustration of whats around me and how i precieve it.

I watched like 5 movies last night and i've been drinking cofee all day i never drink cofee, i do have job and work five days a week but my two days off tues and weds are my sat an sun so i guess ill stop for work thurs, but i guess im doing it because im depressed stressed i cant put my mind at rest, to much is racing through my mind i worry and have to insure myself contantly, my eyes are acting abnormal to i keep on blinking a lot and people notice its like the more movement i see the more i blink and that me rested or not whats going on with me? I actually dont care, but kind of do, but im walking breathing its ok..

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Posted by Zelma Jefferson -  at 7:20 am

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How to "work around" the medical marijuana system?

Lloyd Asked: How to "work around" the medical marijuana system?

Im moving out to California for a 4 weeks and iv'e been researching how I can get a medical card so I can buy medical bud for my insomnia but unfortunately I have found that it is simply impossible to get a card without being a resident, which i am not, therefore making it very difficult to have access to my medicine especially since I don't know anyone except my great grandma. Im not looking to do anything illegal so if you have an idea i would prefer it to be a legal. P.S. Iv'e looked into getting california ID but you can't have a valid ID in two different states…Thanks for your help!

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Posted by Zelma Jefferson - December 27, 2011 at 12:40 am

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please advice me on this?

mrs abiankem Asked: please advice me on this?

-11am wake up from couch
feed baby (she sleeps till bout 10-11am)
have a cigerette
wait for husband to come home
watch tv
between 12-3pm go shop
give baby milk then nap nout 2-3ish
watch tv
tidy up
have a meal
nd snack nd watch tv
husband finally talks randomly
then watch tele again
play with baby througout the day
bath baby bout 7ish the bed time at half 7
husband or me might go to friends but 1 of us stay home
then i fall asleep everynight on couch between 2-4am
please can i get advice on how to have a better life
i apply for work nd cant afford college nd wont get funded
i have depresion and insomnia which is why i cant sleep and family live 300 and 2000 milles from us

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Posted by Zelma Jefferson - December 10, 2011 at 12:40 pm

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Sleeping Disorder in a teen?

MIssyQ Asked: Sleeping Disorder in a teen?

my 13 year old daughter doesn't sleep. My daughter woke up at 8 on a Sunday and didn't sleep for school got home didn't sleep went to a movie and then stayed up till 5. She doesn't rarely ever. It's been causing her school grades to decrease and I'm wondering if i should bring her to the doctor. This isn't healthy and she tells me she lays down at night and her mind doesn't stop running. Is this something like insomnia? PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE HELP!

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Posted by Zelma Jefferson - December 5, 2011 at 8:00 am

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