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What’s wrong with me? What mental disorders do you think I have? (10 points to best answer)?

Jessica Camarena Asked: What’s wrong with me? What mental disorders do you think I have? (10 points to best answer)?

So, I'm not sure what's wrong with me…I know there's something wrong with me, but I'm not sure just what. I cut quite often, although it's not always that deep and it doesn't draw too much blood. I'm obsessed over my weight, and I count calories like crazy. I'm 5'1 and 120.4 pounds, only thirteen, I'm like a whale…the most I've fasted for is about 3 days, but I always end up binging or purging. I purge a lot (if you don't know what purging is, it's eating something and then throwing it all up), but I'm not always successful. I speak to a psychiatrist but I'm never honest, I don't tell any of them anything…they still say it's possible I'm schizophrenic, though, and I've already been diagnosed with Generalized Anxiety Disorder and severe depression. I'm always paranoid and jumpy, anxious, worried about stupid things…I'm not motivated to do anything except sleep, and even though I know I should do something with my life and try to fix it, I never do. My family's really messed up, and I live with my grandmother (my dad's an alcoholic who is currently living with us, and my mom lives far away-she's a drug addict). I don't really have any role models or good friends that I would share this all with, and I put on a facade every time I'm around people. Sometimes I get in really weird moods and get really weird thoughts (to hurt myself, to hurt others, ways I could kill myself right then & there, or insane things I could do in a situation). I'm also extremely skeptical of everyone, and think no one has any good intentions for me whatsoever, although I think it's worth to try anything…does anyone know what's wrong with me? Or, what do you think is wrong with me? I'm extremely confused and have no where else to turn…the internet is pretty much where I try to find a lot of the answers to my problems, since people are too sketchy to talk to in real life. So yeah…help?

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Posted by Zelma Jefferson - April 14, 2012 at 4:41 am

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Does my friend have some type of schizo disorder?

Riley Asked: Does my friend have some type of schizo disorder?

My friend is 14 &was too afraid to ask. I would like to note she had a very bad history with depression (suicide attempts, cuts…) Anyways I'll mention the worst things that are going on to make it short.

My friend is constantly paranoid about things that will 99.9% never happen such as believing she is ALWAYS being watched by someone she doesn't know. She once cried at a resturaunt because she believed someone was about to shoot her.

My friend had once suddenly scratched her hand so bad to the point where it left a dark risen scar because she believed, "there was a bug crawling on me." Also, she's adament to have heard the radio glitch a word 3x, when it clearly didn't.

Her emotions commonly get so intense over something small, and can swing from one mood to the next, and sometimes her emotions won't be correct. She had once gone from being happy & eccentric like usual, straight to depressed & quiet just because she thinks of her old dog. What I mean by "incorrect mood" is she has (multiple times) smiled at something graphic/violent. She can get irritated very fast over the tiniest things; she'll play her flute but once she messes up, she'll throw her flute down and cry.

My friend strongly believes she can predict the future as well as people reading her mind. She also deeply believes an alien stares at her while she sleeps and that's why she refuses to open her eyes at night.

She always forgets simple things&tasks (homework, previous conversations, etc…) and has even interrupted her sentence because she forgot the conversation and what she was saying. She often confuses one day for another or totally forgets an entire day (usually the day before.)

My friend has had strange moments where she will go from being completely blank and staring at nothing to being full of emotion and talking rapidly.

What's wrong with my friend? ): I thought she was schizoaffective after some research on schizo disorders. I couldn't fit all her issues.

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Posted by Zelma Jefferson -  at 4:41 am

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