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Problems falling asleep and sleeping,pressure above my nose and in my head/temples?

Vampira Asked: Problems falling asleep and sleeping,pressure above my nose and in my head/temples?

Making clear some things first. I really need help, so if you're going to answer this just for the sake of answering it please don't. I need more than just a half arsed answer being slapped here. It's the 2nd time I'm asking this question since nobody has been so kind as to give me a serious answer, so please DO read everything before answering.

I have had a serious insomnia for the last 4-5 days, maybe even more, I've lost track of the nightsI can't sleep. I feel extremely tired, heck to the point of exhaustion but I just can't fall asleep, sometimes until 3-4 am, sometimes even until 6 am. I feel a pressure above my nose, temples and it spreads all over my head when I close my eyes. Needless to say my eyes simply open by themselves and just stay wide open regardless of how much I'd try to fall asleep.

It's getting really irritating and I feel this pressure even during the day, it's just way worse at night. I don't know if I have this pressure because of my insomnia, or if I have the insomnia because of this pressure which might I might have because of a sinusitis.

Don't know if this is related somehow but if I want a concrete answer I might as well pour all the details here. I've had a really bad lifestyle for about 2-3 years, not going to bed before 3 am and not waking up before 10-11 am,however I've never had troubles falling asleep if I DID want to sleep. I was more like forcing myself to stay awake. I've had anxiety for 2 years as well and recently started having panic attacks again. I get so panicked and anxious when I can't sleep these nights I even get suicidal thoughts.

I have however taken medicines and still am taking, both sedatives and natural medicine. I've taken melatonin and valerian 2 months ago when my panic attacks weren't that bad but it didn't work so the doctor gave me this sedative called Xanax, it didn't help a lot either, but at least I could sleep. I stopped taking said Xanax two days after this bad insomnia appeared and started taking Diazepam(Valium) 3 days ago. In spite of taking all these medicines I'm still remain sleepless at night.

And please don't JUST tell me to go to the doctor. Do you think I'd be here asking this question if I could go to a doctor? If you have any advice on what I should do to get rid of this pressure and insomnia, please go ahead and help me.

Thank you and I probably sounded extremely cranky which I am, I deeply apologize.

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Posted by Zelma Jefferson - April 26, 2012 at 2:20 pm

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