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Can you out grow schizophrenia?

Jessica Asked: Can you out grow schizophrenia?

Well I was looking back at my childhood a few days ago, and I think that I may have suffered from schizophrenia, or something similar?
I remember staying awake almost all night, standing by my bed room door, because I was convinced that someone ( like a burglar or something ) was down stairs.
I use to have a voice inside of my head, that became my only friend. It would tell me that I was too good to hang with the other kids, so I didn't have any real friends.
Then as I got a little older, around 10 ish, I would refuse to eat anything that my mum had cooked for me as I was convinced that she was trying to poison me in some way.
when I entered high school, I was the same, but as I went into year 8/9 ish, I started to almost 'grow out of it' I started to make friends, and the voice inside of my head told me, ' you don't need me anymore, so I'm leaving you' and had gone.
after this, I started to eat my mums cooking, and after swapping bed rooms With my brother, managed to get to sleep at night.
Now, I have the greatest group of friends ever, even though I do sometimes hear the voice, slowly coming back into my life, telling me that I still 'need' them. I eat all of my mums cooking too.
I'm still a bit iffy when it comes to sleeping, and tend to have panic attacks every time there is a Noise at night.
So basically, I think that I was suffering from some mental disorder while I was a child?
But, even though I still suffer from some symptoms, feel as though I have almost 'out grown' it?

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Posted by Zelma Jefferson - October 23, 2011 at 4:20 pm

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