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Do I have an eating disorder? Help?

Bexyx Asked: Do I have an eating disorder? Help?

I'm a 16 year old girl, I'm 5'2 and 119lbs. I hate myself, I hate my body, I'm fat and ugly. I have depression and I self harm. Recently, and by that I mean the last week or so, I've stopped eating as best as I can. I'll skip breakfast, then for lunch I'll have a bit of tomato and celery and cucumber, and maybe a 3 calorie orange jelly. Then my mum makes me eat tea because I'm 'not eating enough' but I'll make sure I have a small portion or just have part of the meal with salad. I count the calories in everything and I keep track of how many I have a day. I'm trying to have less than 500 calories each day. If I have more, I'll panic, and I'll have to go for a long walk, or I'll go running or do gymnastics until the point where I'm so dizzy and feel sick and can barely move. Because I feel fat if I have too many calories. I am fat, I want a flat stomach and I don't want fat thighs. I couldn't sleep last night because I felt too fat, I didnt like how disgusting my stomach felt. When I did fall asleep, I dreamt about counting calories. All I can think about is food. I know it's probably too soon for me to have an eating disorder but I'm scared.

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Posted by Zelma Jefferson - March 10, 2012 at 6:40 pm

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