Suggestions? Sleep disorder? Affecting life?

David H Asked: Suggestions? Sleep disorder? Affecting life?

I have been for this week been sleeping into 1pm. My alarm would ring at 7am
but I would lay in a half aware and half sleep state, and not wake up.
And it would go off for an hour and auto turn off.

The thing Is I actually enjoy class, it isn't like I am missing class as I don't like it, like others do.

But I can't seem to adjust to this.

I came up with three options.

1) Sleep at 10, and when I wake up be it 1,2,3,4 I stay up remainder of night
2) Sleep at 3, wake up at 12 at night, and stay up. Though I have tried this in the past
and actually slept in from 3pm till noon next day. 21 hours of sleep, I know.

3) See a physiologist?

Do you have other options? Suggestions? Which option should I pick?

Thanks for any helpI get


annnej Answered:
None of those options will help you, it will just make your pattern worse. Option 3 is very suitable, but your disorder isnt severe. Trust me, tonnes of peoplehave the same issue.
You should:
– excersize
– drink some tea
– have a warm shower
– go to bed extra earlier than usual, and if you wake up early like at 3-5, just try to go to sleep and have a rest when you come home fom school. 🙂
If it is so severe and if none of this works, visit your gp or take a few sleeping pills

Mr Man Answered:
Maybe your not eating healthy, stress, worrying, poor diet, or it could be your mattress you're sleeping on.

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