Sudden unexplained insomnia. What can I do?

Amanda Asked: Sudden unexplained insomnia. What can I do?

I've suddenly developed a bout of insomnia whereby I am having immense difficulty in getting to sleep. This is currently my fourth night of it and I've already broken down in tears over it, so I'm looking to get some advice in case it lasts further.

It started on Sunday night. A couple of days before I came down with a stomach bug, which on Sunday then developed into a cold from which I'm still recovering.

Now, when I get a cold, a single night of sleeplessness is not new to me. I often have one night whereby I cannot sleep, but this is because I am clogged up and ill. I'm recovering now, but the insomnia is lingering.

I normally go to bed at 10pm (usually falling asleep for around 10:30). For the past few nights it has been almost 1am by the time I drop off, and then I wake up at some point in the morning.

Today I was absolutely shattered at work and was almost dropping off at my desk. Yet when I went to bed this evening, I found myself wide awake and unable to sleep. Luckily I am on leave next week but I still have to go in to work tomorrow again on little sleep, and it is really starting to upset me because I don't want it to last.

I tried having some exercise before bed, but it hasn't worked. Now I'm just resorting to getting out of bed for another hour and then trying again, but it's not gonna stop me being tired at work tomorrow.

What can I do, in case it continues? ;_;


Lucy Answered:
My mum suffers terribly with insomnia, but she was taught a trick by the doctor that seems to work. Get yourself comfortable in bed, and focus on all the parts of your body in turn. First, tense and relax your feet, then your calves, and so on all the way up your body.

Chris B Answered:
No it's not normal…but then again, neither are you.How many times are you going to ask this question kid? I just took a look at all the other questions you've asked.It's too sad but you belong in a mental hospital.

Gabe Gouge Answered:
ive read this in a book and its a disease weather you have it or not you might want to see the book its not nonficton but its realistic ficton about the same thing in the beging of the book some where it says what disease it is and the kid takes pills to stop the voices

SmartAZ Answered:
That is a symptom of B vitamin deficiency. Get a bottle of B-100 or Stress Formula and take one every day. If the voices hang on, take two or three a day until they get lost. After that you can take them as often as you think you should. You are not going to OD on B vitamins.

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