Sleeping Disorder – Waking up every hour?

hard2rock123 Asked: Sleeping Disorder – Waking up every hour?

I'm a healthy 16 year old male with no respiratory problems. For the past 4 or 5 nights, I've been consistently waking up every hour of the night. It doesn't keep me up; I'm able to go right back to sleep, but I just think it's very strange. Last night, every time I woke up the clock on my phone would read an hour later and the minutes would always be somewhere in the 20 digits. I just assume last night was a coincidence, but are there any explanations for why this is happening or how I can return back to restful sleep?


Laura Emily Anna Answered:
1. Take sleeping pills
2. Get out energy before bed
3. Do not look at light
4. Don't have a lot of caffiene before bed
5. Have a comfortable mattress

mocha Answered:
try to exercise before going to bed

Steffen Answered:
Something is obviously waking you up often if you suddenly wake up but are able to fall back asleep repeatedly. I would guess it's something physical.

Normally, people with sleep apnea have this problem, but that's extremely rare in a healthy 16-year-old. However, that doesn't mean it isn't some other kind of similar sleep disorder. Persistently waking up as you say means there's something either physical or environmental causing you to wake. It could be something in the room you sleep in, or it could be something in you that wakes you up. If you can determine what it is, it would be helpful. If you can't, you may want to see a doctor, if it persists.

My best advice is to have good sleeping habits. Avoid caffeine at least six hours before bed, don't use the computer or TV or any other LCD screen before bed, don't eat dark chocolate before bed, and keep your room temperature slightly cool so you aren't awoken by a buildup of excess heat. Make sure your sleeping area is comfortable enough so you don't toss and turn all night. And, of course, be sure there's no interrupting noises or flashes of light at any point (like cars outside). If that's a problem, use earplugs, which you can get at any pharmacy, and if light is a problem, a sleeping mask helps, also commonly found at pharmacies.

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