Sleep issues. Help Please!?

Marco Asked: Sleep issues. Help Please!?

So, its summertime, has been for a bout a month now, and my sleep schedule ( as usual ) has gotten way off.
I know its pretty normal, but i wanted to be sure. A lot of people are constantly pulling all nighters, as am I. So, ill wake up around 3-5pm and fall asleep around 6-7am. Ill sleep for about 10-12 hours everyday. (Im 15, btw. )
The thing that has bothered me with this though, is that, i'm having a huge difficulty falling to sleep now as well. Some nights it takes me 2 hours to fall asleep, even if i am/feel tired. I also feel tired all the time to.
So, I was just wondering if this Insomnia and feeling tired all the time is because i'm sleeping so much and my schedule is far from normal, and that if I got my sleeping schedule back on normal if that would fix it?
Thank you for helping if you can 🙂


Justin Answered:
It's because you're not doing anything when you're awake to make yourself tired (It's summer so you're not working your mind or your body).

Kevin Answered:
try sugar

Naomi Answered:
I don't think it's insomnia.If you drink alcohol it could be that, alcohol affects sleep.If it isn't, try some of these tips:

Don't have a white, blue or green colored pillowcase. Don't use lemon scented products in your bedroom. Wear socks to sleep. Don't watch television or use the computer an hour before you go to sleep. Don't drink coffee or caffeinated drinks after four o'clock.

If that doesn't work, it could be the summer heat or possibly puberty.

Jan Answered:
Insomnia is sometimes caused by a vitamin deficiency, even having just a little vitamin deficiency could cause muscle tension in addition to insomnia it mightbe smart to go and see a doctor where you can test for any vitamin deficiency. Vitamin D can be a cause, Calcium Deficiency can cause numerous things one particular being insomnia. Go to your doctor to be safe. Hope that helps.

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