Sleep apnea can kill me?

anthony Asked: Sleep apnea can kill me?

I've heard that sleep apnea is as dangerous as some fatal diseases and can therefore cause irreparable damage to the heart and brain. However, I've been suffering from sa for a long time without knowing it was that dangerous! by long time I mean for about 15 years. I'm trying to get some nose strips to avoid a premature death. I'm 29 and overweight, but let me tell you, I snore since a was 15 and I was skinny back then. Is it possible to remove the risk from the root once I start with the strip or do you think the damage is done?


mildred f Answered:
Opening your nasal passages during sleep is NOT the appropriate treatment.Go to a doctor and get the real stuff, the CPAP machine with the tight fitting face mask.That actually works.Then take that on vacation, too.

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