『Sweet Insomnia Studios』 ❝Insomnia has never been sweeter.❞ HAPPY BIRTHDAY DANI! WE BARELY MADE IT. ASDLKFJD WE LOVE YOU! I'm sure most of you know who Dani is (and if you don't ASLDKFJDKL WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?) BUT DROP BY HER CHANNEL WHILE IT'S STILL JUNE 18TH AND LEAVE HER SOME LOVE. OR STALK HER TUMBLR (it's on her channel, I think). She is an AMAZING EDITOR and PERSON. And we all from SIS LOVE HER TO BITS AND PIECES. TO DANI FROM YOUR TACO LEADER, GURL, HAPPY BIRTHDAY AGAIN. I love you SOOO MUCH. I seriously can't believe it's been more than TWO YEARS since we've been friends. Your editing, which has always been amazing, is just so mindblowing amazing now… you are just simply amazing. Now you're 18! I met you when you were 15, I believe. Wow. You definitely need to get on skype more often, though, and I hope you can! We all miss you! We never get enough of our SIS Goddess. You are an amazing person and friend, Dani, and I'm glad you're one of the first people I have ever met on YT and I have stayed friends with. I really do love you and value your friendship so much. -BUNCH OF HEARTS AND TACOS- Dani is one of the many editors on YT that I personally know who has always edited just because she loves to edit and is GREAT at it. Seriously, no other editor compares to her amazingness and her personality. Anyone who knows her would agree. WE LOVE YOU DANI AND WE HOPE YOU HAD A GREAT DAY! Now onto the video info~ I intiaily hadn <b>…</b>