seeing somthing before it happens?

bananarama Asked: seeing somthing before it happens?

sounds like bs right im a skeptic but legit i have seen things before they happen i seen my granpas death 2 months before he died i see bunch of pointless **** i write it all down before it happen to so yea its notmy head messsing with me i have proof how can this even be i know our minds have alot more then we can use maybe getting into that when i sleep? i have senseroy intergration disorder maybe thats whats doing it?


Hype Answered:
I dream like that too (Occasionally)
I'ts nothing to worry about, just let life get a hold of it's self.

Deborah Answered:
It normal! I saw a globe fall off a shelf a minute before it happened one time and I saw myself crashing into a book case and the next class period I did.

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