Question about antidepressants 10 pts to best answer..?

Maggie H Asked: Question about antidepressants 10 pts to best answer..?

I'm 17 years old & lately I've been feeling really down. also, I'm nervous all the time. Both my parents have depression & anxiety disorders, and I don't know if that type of thing is genetic or not. Anyway, I can't be on prescription meds because we can't afford it & I used to go to counseling but we can't afford that either. Most nights, I take sleeping pills because I have problems sleeping, so I was wondering if maybe I took just one of those every couple of hours during the day it might help to chill me out or whatever. Or does anyone maybe know of something I can buy at a drugstore that might help with the problem? I know there's melatonin for sleeping, so is there something like that for your mood? I know nothing I get is gonna be able to fix the problem, I'm just looking for something to manage it. thanks in advance.


opforgirl Answered:
The best thing to do if your feeling depressed is to find something you love, such as music, art, writing, simple things that don't make you feel bad. This is one of the best things in my opinion. Another thing to do is exercise. It helps a lot, and on the plus side you get healthier and it's free. But to really get help you have to talk to someone. This doesn't mean you have to go to a doctor. You can go to any adult, the best is a doctor but school counselors are trained in basic psychology. And in the long run any adult you can trust can help you. So just find someone, pick a hobby, and exercise. I hope this helps 🙂

Kathy Miller Answered:
You are so close to figuring it out!Your body takes the amino acid Tryptophan and from it it makes 5HTP in the daytime which gives you the zest and enjoyment of life – from 5HTP it makes seratonin.At night it makes melatonin which monitors your sleep/waking cycles and also keeps you from having anxiety. Take the 5HTP in the morning and 1-2 mgs of melatonin at night.If that does not work then simply take the tryptophan. You have to get Tyoptophan from food your body cannot make it somewhere along the line your body cannot either assimilate the Tryptophan from food or has a problem making the 5HTP and melatonin from theTtryptophan.The synthetic type of tryptophan is called L-tryptophan that is the kind you buy. Also if the melatonin isn't completely taking care of the anxiety then get a calcium/magnesium supplement 1000 mgs of calcium and 500 of magnesium.Take it every night at bedtime.It works even better if you crush it up in a warm glass of milk.

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