Psychological horror film ideas?

Alex Porter Asked: Psychological horror film ideas?

I'm working on a horror film for a school project, and I need ideas. I want to do something that plays with insomnia. I don't want tit to be a slasher or anything like that. Also I'm kind of restricted on gore (can't be any in film), and actors (there's about 5 in my group). Any help would be appreciated.


The Extractor Answered:
A man who is obsessed with wiring people's clothing and homes with microphones intercepts a phone call between two people who are plotting to murder a third person; the man becomes paranoid and develops severe insomnia.

pat Answered:
-Being isolated somewhere until everyone goes insane?
-someone suffers a cuncusion and is mentally ill?
-Someone cheated on another person and someone goes on a rampage?

Mauzzie Answered:
Hmm… don't do cabin fever, because that's been done way too many times.

Maybe your character could have watched a horror movie then went crazy slowly because he thought that it was real, and then slowly turns into the person whom they so fear. Then, they could look at themselves in a mirror, realize what they became, then do something crazy, resulting in the character's death or sentence into an insane asylum.

Rodriguez Answered:
How about a story about 5 friends that rent a cabin or a farm to study plants for a school project & on the first night a visitor comes & kills 3 friends, but one of them manages to hide in the closet the whole time, & tries to save the last friend. In the end it is revealed that the survivor friend was the killer but imagined that he wasn't because he loved the other friend so much that he would kill anyone that gets in his way.

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