Positive leukocytes in urine but no uti?

Stephanie Asked: Positive leukocytes in urine but no uti?

I am a 20 year old female. History of cancer and health problems. So this started about 2 months ago when I started having symptoms of a uti. When I was out of town for Easter break there was blood in my urine so I went to the emergency room. They tested my urine with a dip stick and said it was a uti and sent me home with bactrum. After 7 days when I was done with the medication I was told to go to my doctor back home and make sure it's gone. So I went in and got tested again and sure enough he said the uti is still there. So my family doctor put me on a different uti medication called cipro. 3 days after I was on this medication they called me and said my urine culture was negative for a uti. So this ENTIRE time it wasn't a uti. The dip sticks they test your urine with before they send it for a urine culture look for leukocytes in your urine which is a normal diagnosis for a uti. But it never was one. Then I started to get severely I'll, bloody diareah, vomiting, nausea, no appetite, fever, chills, insomnia. I just felt absolutely horrible. Well they then told me they thought it was two different problems. Turns out I have c diff. This is a serious bowel infection that can live in your bowel but either by trauma OR from antibiotics can act up and start attacking your intestines. One of the antibiotics that causes this infection is cipro, which they put me on for the uti I never had. I'm seeing a urologist for all this bt they don't seem to know what's going on. My urine is very dark brown and there is blood, leukocytes, and protein in it. I have been in and out of the emergency room because I feel so horrible. Been on flagyl for 3 days for the c diff infection but I've gone from bad to worse and the er just sends me home. Does anyone know what could be wrong?


Sydney Answered:
Walk away now! First of all he shouldn't be threatening you, and my question to you is why you wanna fix something that cannot be fixed. Red flags should be seen if you tryo to talk and he starts swearing at you and plus he says he wished you didn't exist! He's an idiot…. there are people out there who are worth fighting for (a friendship) and he's not one of those people.

Charlotte Answered:
I wouldnt be friends with him again cause to be honest may have the same condition.as you but honestly he sounds really sick and nasty you really dont need that in your life if he threatned you on the phone wouldnt that make you relise already ..?

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