Please HELP/READ. Do I have Anxiety/Depression symptoms?

Njeezy Asked: Please HELP/READ. Do I have Anxiety/Depression symptoms?

I know you guys arent doctors but this is scaring me.

I am a 22 year old male, I first suffered anxiety when I went to the ER for chest pain, for I believe it was a panic attack.The ran an EKG, blood tests, Chest X-ray everything came out normal. The ER doctor said it was anxiety. My blood pressure has always been in the normal range. Since then my BP has shot up and always Pre-Hypertensive when I always go to the doctors office and when I check my BP at HEB Pharmacy(133/86 something in that range). I think I have digestive problems, like no matter how much I eat I cannot feel fullness. I have constipation/diarrhea. Also, I feel like I am not getting fresh sleep. My pulse is always abnormal when I check it by placing my two fingers by my neck its always fast while at rest and I think irregular heart beats. My school doctor told me that I might have this life threatening RARE tumor called pheochromacyctoma,but she doesn't think I have it and I am soo scared about it. I keep looking up the symptoms online for it and its making me more scared and worried. My PRIMARY care doctor doesn't think I have the tumor, and also doesn't know why my BP is pre-hypertensive, and says I am healthy. I am just really scared right now because if a doctor doesnt know why now, what???

Sometimes I feel like certain parts of my body feel like a burning sensation like my buttocks and I start to sweat a little bit. Hand tremors, my body shakes inside and my heart pounds non stop when sometimes when I feel calm. Could all of these symptoms be anxiety related and the digestive constipation be depression? My school doctor also mentioned I could have BiPolar 2. My doctor isnt worried about my BP but I dont know I am I cant just get it to go down to my normal BP. Can Anxiety just do that to you? shoot up your BP and never make it go to normal?

I also have GERD aka ACID REFLUX way before all of this and I think it was due to stress that caused it and I haven't been experiencing that lately either. I feel calm and relaxed but I still don't know why I am having digestive problems and Blood pressure problems. I am currently not taking any medication as well. I exercise at least 1-2 times a week. Sometimes I cannot think. I am doing terrible in school and I cannot concentrate. I just want to get my life back. I am always thinking about dying and I am just scared and always think about the tumor and something that's wrong with me. I do not have any family history of high BP, diabetes and thyroid problems, I don't get fresh sleep. I experience excessive sweat from my buttocks randomly ALOT more than usual.

My doctor said I might have sleep apnea so I took a sleep study just last night before that I went to an ENT specialist and he told me I might need surgery or theres another way to do this but he wants to see the results from the Sleep Study. Sometimes I have racing thoughts while I am sleeping and I think I feel anxious in my dreams or something.

My main concern is I dont feel right in my appetite and stomach like when I eat I do not get that fullness and I feel gassy sometimes and I have diarrhea right after I eat or pass gas or get gassy. Also chest pains, BP, sleep and concentration and I get random hand tremors(Could this be a neurological problem?)

When I am not feeling anxious and irregular heart Its just all this mental health has caused me to become the way I am, GERD, ANXIETY/DEPRESSION. I put too much stress onto myself that I am facing the consequences in my life that are making it worse for me to do the things I used to efficiently. I just want to go back to my normal self again but I cant take my GERD away nor my anxiety/depression (assuming I have both but I dont know what I have). I also get this crawling feeling in my legs is it Restless Legg Syndrome?

I don't think anxiety causes increase in BP that high. Could it be White Coat Syndrome? Maybe is it because I am anxious to know what the result of my BP reading will be? I mean my BP was NORMAL before all of this anxiety mess happened. I hope its nothing serious. I know you guys aren't doctors but I am just worried that doctors might be overlooking some things…I am just worried about my BP. My doctor says I am healthy but I am still not convinced due to my BP being Pre-Hypertensive without any medical causes…

Can anxiety cause digestive problems? Random head aches? Random sweating?

I just dont feel like myself.


Seven In One Stroke Answered:
Thats not anxiety. youve gone into full blown panic!

it causes feelings that indicate the most terrifying things imaginable. If youre afraid of it, you will get symptoms that suggest it is there. because panic is trying to get you to react to a threat. But there is no threat, so it just keeps screaming at you to do something. NOW.

Reacting is a very bad idea as it just confirms the feelings.

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