please advice me on this?

mrs abiankem Asked: please advice me on this?

-11am wake up from couch
feed baby (she sleeps till bout 10-11am)
have a cigerette
wait for husband to come home
watch tv
between 12-3pm go shop
give baby milk then nap nout 2-3ish
watch tv
tidy up
have a meal
nd snack nd watch tv
husband finally talks randomly
then watch tele again
play with baby througout the day
bath baby bout 7ish the bed time at half 7
husband or me might go to friends but 1 of us stay home
then i fall asleep everynight on couch between 2-4am
please can i get advice on how to have a better life
i apply for work nd cant afford college nd wont get funded
i have depresion and insomnia which is why i cant sleep and family live 300 and 2000 milles from us


Firstly quit smoking, nicotine and benzene will be carried into your breast milk. Ntm second hand smoke and what not. My suggestion. Find a hobby such as knitting and get really really good at it. Then market it until you can afford to go to college.

Jordan Answered:
It feels like you're explaining my life at some points! I have a 4 month old baby so I know if can be difficult to urge yourself to get out and do things but I've found health visitors to be very helpful for me as well as my son. Ask them if there are any mother and baby groups that you could go to. That way, you can make new friends near you and of course they will all have the exact same things in common with you!

st george Answered:
The word you are looking for is advise,not advice try reading a dictionary with all that time you have on your hands

YoursUntruly Answered:
Get a hobby. Anything that you might enjoy. Crafts, photography, gardening, anything really.
I understand why you might feel down. I'm a stay at home mom with a 2year old and as much as I love her, sometimes we seem to just do the same things everyday.
It also sounds like you and your husband need a little time together as well. Get a babysitter one night a week and go out together! Even if you just go and sit down at mc donalds to eat. Try to enjoy the little things.

Navi Answered:
whats a better life?? sounds like youve got it made

Scoti Answered:
If you really are motivated to do the work for a college degree then you can do it cheaply. In the UK we have the open university which offers online courses to the same standard as a regular university would offer. There are usually the odd meetings in close by centers which gives you a chance to meet the other students, have exams and so on. These can happen at night or on a weekend so as to allow for people who work.

I know that many institutions offer these types of programs and not just government funded ones like the OU.

You can start with this site

Then start searching online for universities that offer classes you wish to join and at prices that will suit you.

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