Period concerns after natural miscarriage?

Emily Asked: Period concerns after natural miscarriage?

we have been ttc for almost 6 yrs. I have severe-stage 4 endo. I also have been living with bipolar disorder for almost 20 yrs. I do take my meds regularly and see a Psychiatrist.In spite of meds I do have smaller breakthrough episodes of mania or depression-over the last decade, they have occurred around every four years or so. Despite our efforts I was unable to get pregnant until recently. I was really surprised to find out i was pregnant on halloween-I had two positive hpts. The next day I had another so i went in for a blood test. That was positive too, however since I am considered high risk they did a series of hcg blood serum level tests. Nov 11 I started spotting but assumed it was normal. I was wrong to assume that. That morning my beta had been 319 but by Monday it was done to only 40. I was diagnosed with a natural miscarriage. My dr felt since i was not that far along everything would pass on its own. Also he did not feel a D and C would be necessary at this point.My pysch.dr asked that we use condoms again -for at least a month-and we did with two exceptions. The night the miscarriage started we had unprotected sex- i was just in so much pain i thought it would help. Then on nov 23 we did again but only because I had not been sleeping good at night, was still in alot of pain and emotionally very upset about the miscarriage. I seem to have started what i assume is my period yesterday.I know that some believe pregnancy can "cure" endo. I don't know what to believe about that but my periods started getting way lighter and less painful last may. not sure if getting older has something to do with that i am 37. Anyways at first with this period a few days before it even started was clear mucus and a tinge of brown and pink on my tp. Yesterday it was very light still just brown and pink-kinda like spotting. This morning i woke up with my whole pad soaked-it was a thin days type-and the worst killer cramping possible.I currently had some pain meds tye3 for tooth infection. I took one on an empty stomach(very dumb). I am also on some other antiboitics along with my pysch meds. I took a very hot bath. I got dressed and then felt like i was going to faint. I sat on our living room couch and puked into a small trash can next to the couch twice. Mostly bile and water. The pain is slowly getting better but for a while it felt as bad as the miscarriage itself-like actual contractions.Also my flow seems heavier, the color today is closer to red or a reddish pink..My question is -is it normal for a period following an ealy miscarriage-my LMP was 9/30/11 and I miscarried on 11-11-11, to be very very painful? My second question is could my endo just be back? Also is there any way miscarriages can be misdiagnosed if they are only keeping track of hcg blood levels? Last could i be pregnant again-could this be early pregnancy spotting and not even my period? I took a hpt on saturday which was negative but i think i took it to early.I would take another but my husband is convinced that period type bleeding would throw off the test.(i know that it does not but do not feel like wasting a test if it is positive and then he just does not believe me.)


Angei Answered:
read about it here
open the first and fifth brown link
for more info

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