Opposite Cleft Palate?

Rachel M Asked: Opposite Cleft Palate?

Several years ago, and I never noticed there was anything wrong with me before, a dental hygienist told me that it the roof of my mouth had not formed correctly and was the beginning of a cleft palate that never completed. No one had ever said anything to me about it before or after, by a medical professional or my parents. It wasn't until I looked in a friend's mouth to notice my mouth was different. On the contrary, it looks the opposite of a cleft palate. In fact, the palate is a sort of convex, sloping downwards toward my tongue. It is fully completed and has no gaps.

The reason I am thinking of it now is because my current doctor and I have been going over several causes for extreme daytime sleepiness, or the cause of sleep apnea, and I wonder if whatever it is in my mouth may be worth mentioning.


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