Need help understanding 2 D-M-Mode doppler echcardiogram results?

Bill R Asked: Need help understanding 2 D-M-Mode doppler echcardiogram results?

I am 51 male that had a recent echocardiogram doppler color flow test.On the top of the report it indicates left ventricular ejection fraction 64%.Then under "Impression" at the bottom of the report it indicates, "Left ventricle – There is thinning with severe hypokinesis of the anterior/anteroseptal walls consistent with prior myocardial infarction.The apex is dyskinetic.Ejection fraction is moderately reduced at 35-40%.Can this be an error?I asked my GP and he said, the machine measured 64%, but the reviewing doctor provided his comments, go see a cardiologist.Im struggling to figure out how there cant be something wrong with the report. If my measured output is 64% how could my actual be 35-40%?

Other results:
Aortic root dimension 3.9cm (just over normal)
Aortic vale dimension 2.5cm
Lt. atrial dimension 3.6 cm
Intraventricular septum 1.1 cm
Lt. ventricular post. wall 1.1 cm
Lt. Ventricular (es) 3.0 cm
Lt. ventricular (ed) 4.7

All other items in the impression section are normal except left atrium – mild left atrial enlargement.

I am overweight, 58, 215 lbs and I do have sleep apnea.I dont believe I ever had a heart attack but I would imagine I have done some damage to my heart because of the apnea.I walk/jog about 15 miles a week with no problem.During exercise I regularly get my pulse up to 150 bpm with no pain etc and I recover quickly.My resting heart rate is around 66 bpm.My oxygen saturation is normally at 98%, but it will drop to 95% when laying down sometimes.I do take a calcium channel blocker (diltiazen 60 mg) and alpha blocker (doxazosin mesylate 2mg) daily for hypertension.

I have made an appointment with my cardiologist but I wont see him for several days and this issue is concerning.Id appreciate any comments to help prepare me for my visit with the cardiologist.


jimmymae2000 Answered:
Think where they are getting the 64% is from (Lt. Ventricular (es) 3.0 cm) divided by (Lt. ventricular (ed) 4.7) = .638
"If my measured output is 64% how could my actual be 35-40%?"***** If there is large amount of valve leakagefrom lft vent. to lft artril. then that could account for blowback. But the report never said anything about valve leakage, so I don't know.

Edward Answered:
I am pro medical marijuana. That said, smoking marijuana for sleep apnea would only make it worse. You need to see a sleep specialist. You will likely need a referral from your primary care physician. If your sleep disorder sounds bad enough, the sleep specialist will send you to a sleep clinic for evaluation.

BTW, you can't diagnose yourself with sleep apnea, it is when you quit breathing during sleep. What you are describing sounds more like insomnia, though you could be waking up due to sleep apnea.Sleeping pills are habit forming, so you need to quit using them. Until you can get evaluated by a sleep study, you can look into natural methods of sleep induction. Hypnosis, aroma therapy, meditation, behavioral modification, or progressive relaxation help many people with similar problems get to sleep. Just do an internet search on them, and try them for your self. You may have to try a few methods, and it may take a few weeks to figure out what works for you.

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