my minds going to fast for my body to keep up?

Amy Asked: my minds going to fast for my body to keep up?

racing thoughts and uncontrollable high speeds of thought and my mind feels like its going to explode arggghhhh… i want the voices to stop… why wont they? i have a possible personality disorder with depression or possible bipolar.putting that aside i feel mentqlly ill in my mind i duno who i am anymore and im starting to feel insane like im loosing my mind and thought process isnt me its being controlled and i have no input in me or myslf no more i have no purpose in life and duno how to think straight.. what do i do… i have an appointment with psychiatrist 2moro but she wannts me to see psychologist n god knows who or what that is? i cant do this no more 2 weeks ago i overodsed on sleeping tabs and self harmed and the voices tell me to cut my arm open top to bottom and other things thoughout the day…. i cant control these what do i do?


Yas R Answered:
Why not try and take up yoga? Or use guided meditation from YouTube? This could help you slow your thoughts and slowly train your mind to fade away the bad thoughts

Just a thought, hope this helps
Good luck!

SinfulSlaveTrueBeauty Answered:

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