my husband is an insomniac?

Sarah Asked: my husband is an insomniac?

my husband has terrible insomnia he almost never sleeps and i'm just worried about him just about each night when we go to bed i fall asleep with him holding me and when i wake up in the morning he is still holding me still wide awake i always ask him why he cant sleep but he doesn't know why and the man is stubborn as a mule he refuses to see a doctor for anything at all (he cut his handing really deep building a shed and just doused it in peroxide and sowed it up himself) no matter how much i ask him to i'm just worried about him i mean he is still a great active guy still plays with the kid and does stuff with his friends and family and works hard but he always looks tired and sore and when he does sleep he either tosses and turns or waks and talkes in his sleep i dont know what to do anymore, i still love him but i hate seeing him suffer like this but he says he's ok but i know he's not do you guys have any suggestions?


M A S T E R Answered:
Sometimes our hours get messed up and can't sleep.I used to work midnight hours and had to adjust.Natural ways is eggs and potatoes before bedtime.Hot cocoa works too.Chicken noodle soup works wonders.Pan cakes on the side helps.A boring show like golf helps too.Soon he will be snoring.

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