My brother is Schizophrenic…?

Pilot25 Asked: My brother is Schizophrenic…?

Hi, a few years ago mybrother was diagnosed with early stages of split personality disorder/Schizophrenia….(he is now 29) A few weeks ago on a sunday morning at our condo, my wife and son woke up and I was still sleeping and my brother showed up unexpectantly and jumped over the balcony of my condo and then left… he then showed up about 2 hours laterwhen I was awake and jumped over my balcony and walked right into my condo explaining to me about a concert he went to ( he went on my computer)(for about 2 minutes) then jumped back out my balcony of condo (not front door) and left. I later found out he was taking "molly/MDMA"…. (he told me) About 3 weeks later my mom came over and I talked to her about what he did….(not telling her about the drugs he took) and I guess she said something to him… I woke up the following morning to evil texts….He texted me "my wife is the spawn of satan" and that I was going straight to hell cause I was a two faced "f-word" he also said that I was a "kia jewbag" I guess cause I drive a kia… then he called my wife the devil and explained how we will be burning in hell…….I am just wondering is this normal… am I in the wrong? What is wrong with him? This is not a joke…. he also called my wife a devil… and said she was the spawn of satan… he also denounced me as his brother and said some really really abnormal nasty stuff… What should I do???


Gjfdk Answered:
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l3eautifulMistake Answered:
Avoid him. He has psychological issues and its compounded by illegal drugs which just makes his condition worse. He needs to get to a treatment facility for his mental disorders and get help. Most people with mental health issues self medicate with illegal drugs, getting high takes their mind off of it. You cant make someone get better, they have to want to get better. If he wont get help, let him hit bottom..then he will want to get help on his own.

Madeline Answered:
It doesn't have anything to do with you. This is normal behavior of schizophrenics. There's nothing you can really do about it but understand the condition and don't take it personally- be there for him as a brother.

Crone Answered:
Is he taking his medications?If he is, when were they actually assessed ?

I think it would be wise for you to give the police a 'heads up'.

There's probably nothing they can do now, but it might avoid a bad misunderstanding later.

I think it's important for you to find a support group for families of people who have schizophrenia.

They can probably give you the best advice you can get.

May you find strength to manage such a difficult situation.

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