My boyfriend broke up with me and had a wall up?

Shamy Asked: My boyfriend broke up with me and had a wall up?

(WE ARE GOING TO BE A YEAR NEXT MONTH ) We got into several arguments in the past months he gave several chances for me to change (my anger) … So we had a HUGE blow up Ive never seen him that mad . (This wasnt in person).. Just because I thought he wasnt doing his part in the relationship he was hurt that I was blaming him for everything … He broke up with me and I begged and pleaded for him to stay.. I called him crying .. and hes ignoring some of my text messages he even called me a "BRO" … Everytime I would text him "I love you" he would say …. I dont know what to say … He wanted to be in solitude single with no problems

I gave him letters on facebook … Texted him … Tried to call for 2 whole days . I literally couldnt SLEEP or EAT it was like I had a separation disorder. I felt I NEEDED him (He really is a great boyfriend I can not say he isnt)

FRIDAY …. When I went to go SEE O-O Him .. (He told me he wasnt gnna be flirting with me )I gave him a poem and he was soo happy (No acting rude like he was in texting) We hugged and stuff
As soon as I went to kiss him he tried to not kiss me and he felt light headed trying to think He still was saying he needed time … We had sex in someones grass (this was at night) and when we were done he was normal again THE WALL WAS GONE !!!! ..

MY QUESTION ———–> Why did his wall go down and he wanted me again after we kissed and had sex….? Why didnt the wall break when I called him crying texting sending love emails to his face book?


Pearl Answered:
Because he was horny.

It's only a matter of time before your drama queen routine p*sses him off too much for the sex to be worth it.

Allison the Nice Lady Answered:
Jesus Christ just forget him and move on.

Suzy Answered:
If you really mean that he is a great boyfriend and you love him, you need to TREAT HIM like he is. Actions speak louder than words. You can tell your lover every day you love them, but if you treat them like crap, the relationship isn't going to last. It sounds like he does really have feelings for you but he is hurt that despite, in your own words, giving you several chances to change your anger, you haven't managed it at all. Point is, if you love him enough to want to stay with him, you need to do some changing, maybe go to an anger management class. If you're not willing to work with him and make progress, the relationship is doomed.

Yuuki Answered:
Girl, you are loosing this guy if you keep this begging up. When a guy loses respect for a girl then it's all over with, and that is what you are doing right now by begging him and pleading with him,I can tell you how to get him back, but you have to do everything to the letter alright? STOP STOP STOP texting him, calling him writing notes EVERYTHING! No contact with him at all. This will have him wondering what happen to you? Why hasn't she called me or text me? If he does text you or calls you act casual and if he says "Hey, what have you been doing? Come back with, Nothing much, just hanging around the house. Then say Hey can I call you back, I have to do something in my bedroom or some excuse and DON'T call him back. You play this game for a few days he will think you are not so much worried about him as he thought, you need to make him think you will survive with him or without him and I'm serious, The same thing happen to me with my BF awhile back, I sat in my room and cried and cried, I couldn't eat or sleep and I was calling him and begging him back. My best friend said if he loses respect for you then you will lose him forever. I done exactly what she told me to do and it was hard because I wanted so much to run to him and jump into his arms, but I didn't. I had caller ID and when I would see his number pop up I wouldn't answer the phone(That was Hard) and he called again the next day and asked me where I was at yesterday? I said at home, he said no you were not I called, I came back with, well I was at home. You got to play it cool girl, You will have this guy running to you. Now it's up to you, chase and beg after him or keep your respect and play it this way,Now for the sex in the grass,,,I have not seen a man yet that will turn down sex from a girl friend when they have been fighting and breaking up off and on, He seem's to be teaching you a lesson, he feels if you think you are losing him you temper will stop and you will respect him more, I have a friend that has a temper and when anything goes wrong, her BF has to take the heat, she uses him as an escape goat, You need to work on the temper, but for now you need to keep your respect and get your man back, I'm here if you want to chat.

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