Mistake by sleeping with ex now feel bed. PLEASE HELP!!?

Licky Sweet Cake Asked: Mistake by sleeping with ex now feel bed. PLEASE HELP!!?

He was looking so good and said ALL the right things and I needed up taking him to bed and having sex. He is really in-love with me and think we are back together now because of that. How can I let him down easy?( We had a 1yr relationship and broke up 1 month ago because of his mental disorder.)


Animals x Answered:
You managed to have intercourse with him, I'm sure you can let him down easily enough too. Why would you break up with him just because he has mental health problems? I have borderline personality disorder and I was with someone (a d*ck) for over 5 years, and I have now been with my current partner for over 16 months (amazing, lovely man:), best realtionship I've ever been in, treats me like every woman should be; a princess).

Pearl Answered:
He's not in love with you, he's just super-needy.

There IS no letting down easy, just do it, and dont listen to his crap again, break all contact.

jeff Answered:
love is the answer

Brigette Answered:
That was a little selfish on your behalf if you know
he has genuine feelings and you mess with that.
Not really appropriate.

You need to cut contact and tell him. No more contact
with him then, because your intentions are misleading.

He deserves to know the truth, there is support groups for
friends and relatives of the mentally ill, understanding leads
to bettering your own ability to have a lasting relationship with
someone who is affected by mental illness.

We often fear what we do not understand.
Let him down nicely.

Lisa Answered:
You should have thought about all this before you went and had sex with someone who clearly cared about you more than you cared about him. It seems like you only had sex with him because you only wanted sex. Just tell him that you can't go back with and you're sorry for giving any wrong ideas. Just try not to start any arguments and tell him in the most simple way too. You don't need to give a long explanation.

LIPPIE Answered:
Not only him but you also. Quit playing games, life is serious, especially with someone with mental disorders, now you messed him up some more.

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