Middle school SUCKS SO MUCH?

Wily Asked: Middle school SUCKS SO MUCH?

And I thought elementary was bad >_> at elementary people were having boyfriends and girlfriends but it still kind of fun and i had a lot of friends and people was nice. 6 th grade >_> every ***** person had a boyfriend or girlfriend and i was sooooo left out. The girls were fake bitches. The boys were ……7th grade……… I was more like " i'm gonna kill that hoe "The boys in my bus WERE SO PERVY I was talking to my REAL friends and this boy yelled MINE IS 7 INCHES. Then the bus was quite. All awkward and stuff. Some other day the boy said you should put a piercing down there so i can lick………..I was like WTF I don't even want to talk about 8th grade >_>

gotta wake up early
2 much work
being around ppl i dont like
more rules 2 follow
-the kids who do sports get special treatment
-the teachers profile the kids
-the food sucks
– the anti bullying system doesn't work
– the teachers can be sexist or raceist and get away with it
– teachers can use their cellphones. Kids can't
– teachers can punish you even if you have done nothing wrong
– your not aloud to defend your self if someone else attacks you
– they do fire drills in the winter
– the chairs are hard on the back and spine
– the teacher can give 2 and a half hours of home work instead of an hour worth and get away with it
– teachers are aloud to take your property without your permission.
– you have 2 minutes to go from one class to another
– the rich/popular kids act like they can do what ever they want (and they get away with it)
– your not aloud to have any flavord drinks in class untill high school, just water.
– if they see any entertainment device, even if its not on, they can take it
– kids have been suspended for following the day of silence (the day of silence is where people take an oath of silence on a certin date to represent what the silence the homosexual comunnity suffers in)
– the parent are blind to what their kids go through at school untill a school shooting happens or untill a kid kills them self so they can get away
– the teacher can keep you after school for no reason
– a kid can get punish for what someone else does
– their takeing away dodge ball
– their takeing away all free time besides a short lunch break
– they make more fuss over how you hold your pencil instead of teaching you how to spell with it
– during standerdize testing, all they give you for a snack is disgusting cheese
– most classrooms only have a fan to cool down a class room of 19-24 kids + adult(s)
– the lockers are small
– most of the school computers are old and very buggy
– coloring homework . I have better things to do then color in a map
– 5 days a week. School should only be a 4 day at most thing
– they do not recognize such things as depression and insomnia as an illness
– your not aloud to your own political opinion
– teachers can make you write in cursive, if you dont they can tear up your paper and make you do it again
– Most thing you learn you never need . Like S.S. WE WILL NEVER TALK ABOUT WARS( Ex. world war II ) WHEN WE GET A JOB
what other people think of the school over what's on the inside in other words they're really shallow.
im forced to learn stuff i dont want and is most likely useless
too much drama
It's boring, even lunch time.
I have to do quiz(s) in P.E.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I feel awkward changing in front of people in the lockers
teachers and stupid and retarded
it's boring
well you get the point and what's your reasons
today i spend 3 hours doing homework…


Doctor Answered:
You sound like a rebel. Or a hipster. Or a SEVIE!!!

Complete Answered:
I also don't like to go middle school, But my parents insist to went me there.

Almiclou Answered:
I totally agree…. im in 8th grade, i feel left out 2. no boyfriend, their all pervs. Ugh, don't make me even mention all the gross talk. uuughhhhhhh. MIDDLE SCHOOL SUCK!!!! BTW, teachers do get away with everything!

Aftermath Is Secondary Answered:
That's just the way middle school is. Ha. High school is a million times better.. Or worse.. Depending on how you act.

There's gonna be more drama, more fights, more perverted guys, just live with it. Make school fun, because in a few years you'll wish you had a better time in middle school!

Jana Answered:
Not to belittle one thing there, because it's all completely valid and I'm sure you are feeling all the pressure of it all.
BUT – here's a couple things to consider:
You pay no rent, or any of the other expenses that go with being in the grownup world.You don't have to pay for your phone, food, or travel expenses.
And the #1 point I want to make to you is this:
I could write that entire list about my everyday life as an adult, so enjoy the fact that you are at least not paying for it!
Once you have that diploma in your hand, and wore the cardboard hat and bathrobe across the stage, it will all have been worth it.
Thanks for making me smile and feel just a little bit better about being an old gray haired lady with a bitchy day behind me!! =-).

Chris Answered:
wow glad it was a small list (sarcastic)
Just wait till you get to High School lol

Madeline Answered:
skool sucks!

Almiclou Answered:
its okay, im in high school, someday you will grow up and hage a job and therefor less time to *****. that list? thats called school, you'll get over it sometime. i get bored and do drugs so its chill. theres also alcohol and sex if u prefer, but since youre still usin the word pervy id suggest grow up a bit and stop complaining. ur not alone in the BS

Bridgette Whitman Answered:
Wait til you start rebeling and the principal(s) start stalking you, then it gets really fun. I got suspended once because my friend took his ex girlfriends stuff out of his locker while i was standing next to it. Thats how much they were after me.

steven Answered:
School is school, tough it out. Study hard get good grades, so you don't work at burger king for the restlife.

It's not supposed to be fun..

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